Online Psychic Readings – 3 Sure Signs a Psychic or Fake


It is an exciting emerging market to buy online psychic readings, the current trend is towards CAM web, email and chat online reading. There has been a rise in popularity of online psychic reading mostly because of convenience and there are more and more agents working online these days. People who work as online psychics are working within a very controversial ground and they often come under criticism and scrutiny. There are real psychics out there who do a good job and they have even been used for spiritual investigators with the police.

Those who come to the slide for reading are often vulnerable and they are desperate to get answers. They can latch on psychics every word because they believe that they really are to give them reliable information. There are some psychics who are not genuine and they will have developed special skills to convince others that they are authentic

. You can search online and try out some of the free online psychic reading on offer. You can get a sense of psychic and they are more likely to be true if they are to offer a sample of readings. My own intuition should give you a sense of reading and you can decide if you are happy with the online psychic.

There are some obvious signs that the person online psychic reading is fake and it may not be so easy for someone who is desperate for reading to find. This article describes three warning signs that the slide is a fake.

1. Birth

Once they have your date of birth and they have star sign and they can look up information about your Asterisk. He who gives online psychic reading can give you a pretty good personality analysis taken from the star logo. Often Astrology columns journals, it is forecast based on personality traits.

2. The Magic and Curses

A psychic who tells you that you have bad luck or are in a difficult situation because someone has put a curse you is trying to get more money out of you. It is unethical to inspire fear, and make money from clients and when you come to see the slide you are coming for psychic readings and not clean curse.

3. Too good to be true

If it sounds too good to be true, chances are they are and you can find the psychic tells you what you want to hear. A good psychic will be totally honest and up front with you. If you feel that they are painting a rosy picture of the future then it’s probably a figment of their imagination.


The Paranormal, subjectivity and Liquidation duality


I’m finally starting to get the kind of comment that I was expecting about a month ago so in effect, I may have co-created the very comment. So be it. Before I explain more about philosophical ramblings about my Psycho Terrestrial my theory that I will take the opportunity to address some issues that are bound by nature to come up if they have not already. So no theorizing today. Instead, I would like to explain my position on things, my inspiration and muse of what I write and create debate and ultimately what my intentions are.

So the first thing I want to address is my opinion and I stress that this is only my point of view and no one elses and I do not hold someone else in contempt for not adhering to it, understand it, embrace it and not recognize it as their own. Needless. To my thinking, just my really writing it has already spoiled it by contextualizing it and conceptualizing it, for what it really is all and none of these things.

As before, my brother and I are both experiencers and our children was riddled with seemingly countless events paranormal nature. What is interesting to note is that we both treat it in a completely different way. He has a very materialistic and tangible approach. I am very pithy and I took a decidedly spiritual and literature. In my eyes, though, and events he would be in front of them, one of them always compelling “real” to me. I always seemed to detect “smoke and mirrors” aspect to it all. I also found fascinating science but never really pleasing as they always seemed to fall under way, in fact, be able to explain what I was experiencing. Science is a physical state, but were not physically if it would sometimes be symptoms or effects that would Manifest as a direct result of exposure to or experience the said event. I did not believe them either.

The element in my opinion that might otherwise drive people to eat their knuckles in frustration is I never proof. I’m not looking for proof. In fact, I do not seek anything. Literally. Instead of looking for proof, I have pleasure where I simply maintain balance as best I can. I try to keep a conscious balance of all the events in and out by making a subtle attempt to mentally stick to anything. I feel, witnesses ruminate track and but rarely will I allow myself to join the faithful and strengthen. Whenever I think faith arise in the soul I solved it works once it is approved by not even give it credence. It is simply another thing that has been shown, for a while and decreases. I do not structure. For me, this is not reality. What has a beginning, Truly, the end. Therein lies the risk, if you look in it? Nowhere in any I should think.

So it is my Muse, motivation and inspiration? This moment and all that it bestows. It is strange and unrecognizable and when fully engulfed in it, leaves, again, the physical characteristics of the spirit captured and mouth agog. Is not Esoterica affect physical? Where is the connection? Consciousness. The Observer. It is through the Observer that all is considered, witnesses, smelled and tasted. Ultimately Observer; the stationary and omnipresent Vantage Point where all transpire, come and fall and rise endless, awesome and beautiful.

Now some of you may recognize the taste of speech. I’ll come clean with you this once. I was an expert in Zen Buddhism for more than 18 years. I practice now nothing. Again, literally. I steer clear of knowledge and insight embrace. I make no thing but to embrace all things. I’ll be firmly seated as a witness and let everything be as it may no more thought to it than that is wonderful and I am.

Why Erik write the Paranormal? The answer is very simple. Knowledge. I have experienced the good part of it. I see it as an event and the events transpiring between awake and asleep. Not the body. Mind. As one becomes more and more aware and built, light being let in eventually gets to the subconscious mind. Ghouls and dull shadows are ferreted out by the light of this awareness. At least in my perception. They were also just as part of my consciousness, because they are not real. This is another sticky point for some people when talking to me. I’m not a dualist. I perceive no separation between self and my existence. The One is not two. To help illustrate this I will need to use a little spiritual creation. You’re used to it. Look all around you!

Envision in your mind’s eye a pithy, Smoky sphere. Outside this area is constantly growing and eternal vastness. This is Consciousness. Absolute subjectivity. The Witness. You. Creativity this Awareness pokes in this substance less field simply used for illustrative purposes and it appears to be within its self. The two are One. Shiva and Shakti. Eros and Agape. The question is Universe. The answer is the life. I Consciousness herself through his foundation. It is all the manifest as well as witness manifestion her as you are.

The Paranormal me, and I suspect that all is wonderful intangible pithy middle ground between complete dreamless sleep and total consciousness and Ultimate subjectivity.

Ah yes. It is a bone of contention some apply in my opinion. I think all existence and all sense of reality is well and completely subjective as to why I do not duality. It makes no sense to me and it is the belief of fear-based separation, other than thinking, divisiveness, polarization, differences and insane ability to make unrecognizable unknown that is very tricky, subtle but egoic way to make a thing so known by marking it

. And finally, I do not write concretely the physical curriculum, ideology or platform of any kind. I do not think there are the nuts and bolts craft roar of a large amount of space to investigate equivalent ants with archaic technology. I do not think there is anything to disclose. I do not think the dead visit us. I do not think anything abnormal is something more or less than very creative in our subconscious mind and touches our Ultimate Self. I do not think there is anything more cruel or mysterious happening beyond belief.

If it is present, it was faith that made it so …



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Psychic Predictions in dreams and nightmares: use them to change the reality


distinguishing Psychic Dreams nightmares

This article will focus on the psychic premonitions and dreams, focusing on the differences psychic dreams and nightmares, and positive insights that provide both. I have been asked several times whether the recurring nightmare could be telepathic messages, containing Psychic predictions of future negative manifestations.

The thought of a scary and disturbing dream become true, can be very upsetting! So I would like to reduce the negativity around this topic, and clarify some common misconceptions about psychic dreams, nightmares and the nature of the message.

According to my knowledge and experience in the psychic dream job, there is a clear distinction between psychic or telepathic dreams -. Nightmares

For example, some typical nightmare, so the dream of a lover who betrayed you, or lose all your money, or losing something that you are connected to, is not a sign of genuine telepathic forecast. Real Psychic dreams do not contain negative emotions or feelings. On the contrary, the experience can be very positive and uplifting.

Characteristics authentic Psychic Dream

A Psychic Dream contains information that predicts something positive, mainly to do with personal growth and spiritual development. It may even be a positive message about the friend or loved one, or even pets! This information is sent to you from the higher dimensions, from Spirit Guides, or of loved ones who have died, to guide you and give you a greater understanding of something important in your life.

Nightmares are not telepathic dreams!

Do not be afraid of nightmares

Contrary to what we tend to believe, even if they are uncomfortable, nightmares, contains no negative or confusing labeling. They are simply a message from the subconscious, their purpose is informative and enlightening!

they provide important information about difficult situations and challenges in your life, you have tried to resolve for some time! They are proposed to clear long blocks and get unstuck! The are like a wake up call!

So rather than being afraid of a nightmare, you can consider it a friendly, helpful resource, the carrier valuable and empowering insight! Use the instructions to change or improve your life, to get you unstuck from stagnant conditions, move towards the goals and results observed desires!

Power subconscious

The unconscious very powerful, that the 95% power of the mind and drives most of our daily lives. It takes all autonomic functions in the body, and is always active, run in the background. It controls our behavior, decisions and actions,

If you are faced with challenges that seem impossible to overcome reasonably rational methods, it is probably because they have a deep root in the subconscious mind.

Unfortunately, while we are conscious or awake, it is almost impossible to penetrate the deepest layers of the subconscious and find the source of the problem. It is either in a deep hypnotic state, deep meditation or dream, to this part of the mind to be present and to communicate with us.

So communicate with your subconscious through dreams and interpret the message of nightmares, offers a way to access information about the hidden beliefs that run in the background, which affects your every day life, and show and blocks and get in the way!

how to interpret nightmares

Here is a practical example: if you happen to have a dream lover is cheating on you, rather than considering it as a negative self fulfilling prophecy, know that your subconscious mind is just trying to contact you, let you know that – even if you can not consciously know it – you have a deep fear of being abandoned or rejected, which in turn may keep you experience parenting, loving relationships, or success, and if the goal is to have a healthy, happy and fulfilling life, it’s time for you to let go and heal this fear !!

Get Rid Of unconscious fear your

It is important at this point, to talk about the power of hidden negative emotions and beliefs, and how they can affect your life . If we have a strong subconscious fear of something, this fear can break out in dreams, but also may end up attracting what we’re afraid of, show itself as a real event.

This explains why sometimes, if uncomfortable aspect of the nightmare, can really happen in real life, it is considered a psychic premonition

According to modern science and quantum physics, faith, thoughts and emotions, the measurable waves of energy and constantly broadcast their prevalence in the environment and in the electromagnetic field of the universe.

The Quantum Field and the magnetism

The Law of Attraction (Law Resonance in Quantum Physics) says they act as mirrors, magnetize they and attract back , similar frequencies.

feeling as fear has a small and very large magnetic energy field, and if it is very powerful when rooted in the subconscious mind, where running in the background, is constantly emitting negative charge its magnetizing back to us, the same heavy negative energy frequency, attract situations and circumstances as create what we want or at least what we’re afraid of!

What you can do to change your life

So if you have recurring nightmares, you can try to remember them as soon as you wake up, keep a diary for your dreams and do your best to interpret his message and possible subconscious fears or negative subconscious attitude.

Having a good spiritual reading, consultation with a solid leading the reader with expertise in Psychic dreams and nightmares interpretation, is the best way to access this information.

Once identified, fears can be healed and neutralized resolve their negative charge, eliminating the disruption of the body, mind and daily life!

Medical Intuitive, Psychic Advice, Law of Attraction coaching, hypnosis, EFT, NLP, or a combination of the most effective strategies to change negative conditioning reprogram the mind with positive healthy attitudes, which will reflect the positive results of all areas of your life, finances, relationships, career, health.


Electromagnetism and the Association With the Paranormal


In this technologically driven world, we are all exposed to electromagnetic (EM) field emissions from computers, telecommunications towers, radio and television transmitters, and the like. When these artificial fields are intensified by natural Geomagnetic earth and electric field, they can blow rogue EM fields can directly affect our physiology, especially our brains.

There were already scientific studies conducted that showed that this rogue EM fields can cause hallucinations in some people who are considered EM sensitive. These people hallucinate the appearance of ghosts, angels or other visionary attitude are those who have suffered electric shocks, had experienced lightning strikes, or the alien encounters. They usually have symptoms of chemical sensitivity and food allergies and these strange visual perception is described because currents in the body which were translated into images in the brain.

It has also been medically proven that regular radiation in the brain by EM fields have paranormal effects like deja vu, feelings invisible presence or be viewed as well as trance states and hallucinations. A wide range of symptoms, even including such things as asthma and insomnia are also sometimes considered to be caused by prolonged use of EM field.

In connection with this, Paranormal researchers have used EM field detectors to search for paranormal activity because it is believed that ghosts can release some sort of subtle EM field that may be detectable under certain conditions. Consciousness and the brain is also considered the basis of life itself, which is why ghost hunters or paranormal researchers look at EM fields.


The Essential Paranormal Research Tools needed to conduct a successful investigation


Keep paranormal investigation requires some special tools to capture all the information provided in the hunt for ghosts. It is always best to monitor and record each result in a regulated way to compile reports and seek solutions to deal paranormal phenomena.

How Paranormal Research Tools can help you

Most professional experts Ghost Hunting will carry around a variety of equipment to increase their ability to detect some sort of paranormal activity. Below is a list of tools that serious paranormal investigators use.

High quality video camera

A sure way to evidence of ghost activity in your home or elsewhere using a video camera. Since most of the paranormal activity going on at night, make sure your camcorder has the best night settings to exactly. A high definition camcorder is ideal for top video quality, also get the accompanying software to isolate shot and print images from the source.

Infrared Thermometer

ghosts and other paranormal creatures emit heat and power, which is best monitored using an infrared thermometer. It is better than a regular thermometer because it does not touch the creature or body temperature registration. Set infrared thermometer in the room with the suspicious activity, or purchase a handheld infrared thermometer to keep in front of you while tracking heat emission.

EMF Detector

Another important tool is the EMF detector, a device that is extremely sensitive to electric currents. A common indicator of paranormal activity is a disturbance in the electrical flow where the lights go on and off. An EMF detectors can find the source of electromagnetic interference accurately, leading to further paranormal research results. The sensor has a different intensity of the electric meter.

Sound or Voice Recorder

One more essential part of the toolkit is a sound recorder. Since it is specially made to sound or voices, it is a better solution than relying on the camera for the same purpose. Always have a sound recorder running immediately baseline for further evidence.

Using Paranormal Research Tools

Once you have completed your research it may be a good idea to make all your results with some software. There are online programs that can do all the analysis process easier and increase your chances to detect some sort of paranormal activity.

Use all these paranormal research tools for every ghost quote home, workplace or even in recreation. These items can be easily purchased online so start hunting ghosts as accurately as possible.


Reputable psychic mediums in Long Island


Long Island is home to many reputed psychic mediums. Born and raised in Long Island, John Edward is a well-known psychic medium, author and lecturer. In more than nine years, he has helped thousands of communication with loved ones who have died. His clients are people from all walks of life. Customers have a two-year waiting sitting with Mr Edward. He is known to never compromise the quality of his work.

his talk show, “Crossing Over with John Edward”, has captivated audiences worldwide and earned him a loyal following. He is author of the critically acclaimed New York Times best sellers One Last Time, What if God was the sun, Crossing Over: the stories behind the stories, about life, the answers from the other side, Final beginning and recently Practical Praying: Using the Rosary to enhance your life.

The growing popularity of John Edward led to guest appearances on several prime time television shows from CNN Larry King Live to The Today Show. He has also made television games on Entertainment Tonight, Live with Regis & Kelly, Wayne Brady Show, Dateline, ABC’S 20/20 and the critically acclaimed HBO Special, life after life, America Undercover. His articles in The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, Newsday, People, Entertainment Weekly and the Associated Press.

Martial Arts instructor Robert Hansen, is reputed psychic medium from Long Island. He attended Catholic schools and even as a child always focused on helping others. A sensitive child, Hansen was always able to read the emotions of others, a gift he discovered after the introduction of breath control in his daily life.

Hansen studied Martial Arts, Yoga and meditation and made four pilgrimages to Japan to learn the art of Zen. He is 7th degree Black Belt in Ju-Jitsu and is a member of the Martial Arts Hall of Fame. Hansen coached Athletic team in town Hempstead on Long Island and founded his own martial arts school of his, The Silent Flute Self Defense Center, in 1973.

As a psychic medium and intuitive advisor Robert Hansen helps guide customers to healing and inner peace . Bereavement his course, “Love Never Ends” offer comfort, hope and understanding to those who have lost relatives and friends. He appeared in many top radio stations including KJOY 98.3 FM, Mix 102.7 FM and 103.9 FM WRCN, among others. Hansen has been tested and approved by the noted scientific researcher, Dr. Gary Schwartz, author of “afterlife experiments.” His club in the past with “parents murdered children” and now, “The Forever Family Foundation” provide comfort to many bereaved parents.

It is possible to collect more information about more famous psychic mediums in Long Island with Internet research.


A True Paranormal Incident?


I am open-minded about things of a paranormal nature, but an old friend of mine WHO lives in Romania has told me a number of strange incidents she has experienced and I relate to just one of themself in this story. This is what she told me:

“When I was 16 and still at school, my best friend was Loredana, WHO we called Lori, and we were Inseparable. We lived close to eachother and her father was a great person and he was good at drawing, so consequently When we had drawing homework to do we asked Him to do it for us. The teacher was very suspicious and used to say, ‘Did the co-hand draw Both Of These pictures?’ But WHO Cared that that time as long as it seemed That we were good at it. One Monday the drawing teacher WHO took us for PMA (medicinal aromates plants) asked us to draw some plants for the Following week. It was quite Difficult so I went to Lori’s house so That army dad could help us.

He was usually a happy person always telling jokes, but on this night he Looked very pale and withdrawable. I did not think it was right to ask for his help but Lori did not hesitate and asked Him. She too was unwell with a very bad cold.

‘Are you feeling okay, Mr. Diaconu?’ I asked, after looking at Him for a while, ‘you look pale.’

‘I’m alright,’ he replied, ‘I’m just overtired. But do not worry I’ll draw the plants for you. ‘

But while he was drawing I could see That his hands were very unsteady and the drawing this time was not as good as usual.

Lori said That if she was still unwell next day she would present the host drawing When she got better. She did not come to school for the next three days. Nobody knew why, but I just thought That the cold had got too bad and she would eventually recover and return, so I did not bother too much.

When my mom and dad were too busy or were resting They used to ask me to help out in the mini market. All the local people came there and I used to enjoy helping my mom out and working in the shop and talking with the theme. On Wednesday evening after school my mom asked my host to take place while she went to pay some bills. While I was selling stuff Lori’s father came in. He was not pale Any more and seemed like his usual self.

‘Good afternoon, Elena,’ he remarked cheerfully, ‘how are you?’

‘I’m very well, ‘I replied,’ and how are You Today? ‘

‘ Oh, I feel better than ever! ‘ he said, ‘I think I just needed some fresh air so I went fishing yesterday and had a great time. “

‘ Why has Lori been missing from school the last two days? ‘ I asked. ‘Is she alright? I had to present the drawing on my own yesterday. But I guess it was a good thing Because the teacher could not Compare our work this time. “

‘Yes, she is fine,’ he answered positively. ‘She just caught a cold, and someone from our family died yesterday so we have to attend the funeral tomorrow. If Anybody asks about the army just tell them That she is at a funeral and she will be back at school as soon as it is over. “

‘Well, I Already told the PMA teacher That she had a cold the last time I saw an army so They have an idea what is wrong, ‘I assured Him,’ Was the person who died someone close to you? “

‘No, it is just an old uncle of mine.’ He replied.

‘What can I Serve with you, you Seem hurried?’ I asked.

‘Oh, I Decided never to hurry Any more!’ he said, ‘and I would like to buy some candles. “

I did not really understand why he said he has no need to hurry Any more but I thought it would be rude to ask Him why he Doesn ‘t hurry Because I thought he might think I wanted Him to go as soon as Possible, Which was not my intention at all. So I Served Him with the candles.

‘I do not usually buy candles,’ he said, ‘When someone dies but it says candles Can light Their way in the other world, so he willhave light þegar he goes to God to judge Him. “

I never Before realised That Mr. Diaconu was Such a religious person, Although I know we have a saying in Romania: ‘Ziua Judecatii’, meaning That When you die you go to God to be judged.

‘I am sorry for your loss,’ I said, ‘and I can not wait to see Lori back at school Because I really miss the army. Do you think it Will be alright to come and visit military later this evening? ‘

‘ I’m sorry, Elena, ‘he answered with a frown,’ but I do not think it is the right moment Because she is not feeling very well. But you Will see the army soon enough When everything is over and I hope You will be there for her When she needs you. ‘

‘ You have no need to worry, ‘I answered Him,’ I will not come and disturb the army, and I will always be there for my friend. ‘

I was surprised That he asked me not to go on this occasion, Because usually when i met Him he always used to ask,’ Hey Elena, When are you gonna visit us again? ‘ So I was confused about what was going on. He had a strange look about him. He did not look me straight in the eyes but he Looked as if he was concentrating on something else not in the room. The funeral was supposed to be the next day, Thursday, so I was waiting keenly for the Friday so I could see my friend at school again.

On Thursday morning a boy said to me, ‘Did you hear what happened to Lori’s father? ‘

‘ No, but he is fine, right? ‘ I asked.

‘He died!’ the boy announced, ‘that’s why Lori has been off school for three days. “

His remarks shocked me, and I was scared to ask When he died, Because it did not make sense. Lori had been off for three days and I had spoken to military father the day beforehand.

‘It was not military father That died,’ I said, thinking he had got confused, ‘but the uncle of military father ? “

‘No, he said,’ my mother knows Him and she told me That he died on Tuesday and the funeral is Today.”

I still thought That he must be wrong Because he did the drawings on Monday and on Wednesday he told me That he had gone fishing on Tuesday. I could not accept what he said, so I Decided to wait until the next day to talk with Lori.

Lori came to school next day dressed all in black. She had tired and red eyes caused by crying, and I had never seen beforehand army so sad. It seemed a lot for the death of an uncle, so I asked, ‘Did the death of your dad’s uncle affectation you that bad?’

She Looked back with empty bemused eyes and said, ‘What uncle are you talking about, Elena? My dad died on Tuesday morning! ‘

I asked the army how he had died so suddenly, and she replied,’ He went fishing with a friend on Tuesday morning and it was too hot, and we never realised he had cardiac problems Because he never complained of it. He suffered a heart attack and When the ambulance got Him to hospital it was too late and he had died.

How could I tell Lori That I had spoken to military father on Wednesday – When he had died on the previous day? How could I talk to someone in the shop When he was lying in his coffin? I knew if I did it would hurt military Because she would have Considered it to be a cruel joke, or was involved in Imagining it – or insane! Was the person I was talking with a phantom? And the fact That he was dead was the reason why he had no need to hurry Any more, and he was buying candles for his own funeral? To this day it Troubles me, and I have no logical Explanation for the unanswered questions. “


What Kind of Questions to Ask During a Psychic Reading?


Have you ever wondered about some of the more general questions to ask a psychic When in Consultation with an intuitive? If you are new to psychic readings and would like a bit of a heads up on some questions That may benefit you during a psychic Consultation session then we’ve come up with a good general list for you here.

Feel free to modify These questions with words Appropriate to your own personal situation, make your own Them as They are just samples of general questions you may wish to utilize at some point. Sometimes it is a good idea to ensuresexcellent your question is specific enough so That the psychic Can tune in more deeply for you, the more specific a question ofter the more specific the answers That come through from the psychic Can Be.

You should have your list of questions handy during your psychic reading, it does not matter if you are having a phone, email or face-to-face reading, have your list of questions handy on a piece of paper if you need to Just in case you think you may forgettable Any of Them. Remember you are only going to have a specific Amount of time with the psychic, so prioritizer your questions in order of what’s most Important to you at the time too. There’s nothing worse than Forgetting your most valuable question / s during a reading and discovering afterwards That you missed it out. This Can happen due to the fact That one Can get caught up in the excitement of the moment in a reading.

General Questions for Psychic Readings

  • I feel lost and confused, Who am I?

  • What is my purpose in life?

  • I’m not happy. Why? How can I become happy?

  • What are other people’s opinion of me?

  • Why do I act the way I do?

  • Why do I always find myself in the Repetitive Situations – over and over again?

Relationship related questions for Psychic Readings

  • Tell me about my future in regards to Relationships in general.

  • Tell me about my future with regards to my current romantic relationship.

  • I have met someone That I really like. Do you have Any guidance about this?

  • Will I meet someone involved in click with fully? When? Tell me about this person if skies.

  • I really like someone. What are Their feelings towards me?

  • Someone has Recently left me. Can you give me better understanding on this situation?

  • I feel my partner is unhappy in our relationship, Why?

  • I’m unhappy in our relationship, can you help me understand better?

Finance related questions for Psychic Readings

  • Tell me about my future with regards to finance in general.

  • My financial situation is Difficult at the moment. Is this going to change?

  • My financial situation is good at the moment. Is this Likely to continue?

  • How Can I Improve my financial situation for the better?

  • I am thinking of making a major purchase. Any guidance on what Will happen here?

  • I am thinking of making a major crystals. Any guidance on what Will happen here?

Career related questions for Psychic Readings

  • With regards to my career in general, tell me about my future here.

  • Tell me about my future with regards to my current career.

  • What is my most suitable career / work for me?

  • Should I continue with my current career or shift Into something different?

  • Why am I so unhappy in my current career?

  • I’m Considering a new career. Should I pursues this?

  • I am Considering studying a new course. Should I pursues this?

  • I have Applied for a job. What Will Happen?

Family related questions for Psychic Readings

  • Tell me about my family members’ future.

Travel related questions for Psychic Readings

  • Tell me about my future with regards to travel.

  • Will I travel in the near future?

  • Should I travel now, or later?

Health related questions for Psychic Readings

  • Tell me about my future with regards to health in general.

  • Tell me about my future with regards to my specific health condition.


Psychic Complaints: Will I be disappointed with my Psychic Reading? (And what to do if you are!)


What happens if a psychic reading is bad? What if the reader is having a bad day … of or just outright wrong? Is it going … and what do I do if it happens to me? In this article we are going to take a quick and easy look at psychic disappointment, and what happens when read that you have been looking forward to for a while goes sour. Curious to know more? Continue reading as we take a closer look immediately below!

My personal experience with psychic disappointment …

One of the most highly anticipated my reading was terrible. I paid a ton for it … travel hundreds of miles and spend a ton of energy and effort just to make it happen. When reading started going south … my frustration, and FEAR started to grow. I remember clearly remember thinking … not only was it a complete waste of time, money and energy, I felt actually embarrassed for the reader as well. (because I could not just sit there and pretend she was right … when so much of what she said was wrong)

Here’s the truth:

If you actively participate to learn and pursue spiritual insight, knowledge and information, you are going to have a bad reading. You are going to meet psychics who disappoint you, and you walk away from scratching your head about their credentials in the first place.

But you’re also going to have an amazing experience, that change what you believe possible in their own lives and the world around you. The key is to simply minimize the bad experience, by doing a little due diligence, and not blow your budget on the recommendation of someone else. (even mine!)

When you have a bad read?

If you get it on your phone, it is important to choose a service, network or individual intuitives that offer great responsibility … and promise that if you are reading does not live up to it’s potential, you do not have to pay.

For this reason, I recommend also never spend more than 20 or 30 dollars a psychic reading until you are sure you are connected to the readers. You can get an amazing amount of information these days on the phone … in 20 or 30 minutes, and do not spend more than 20 or 30 dollars a process to discover whether the reader is right for you. (without traveling halfway across the country about 60 minutes reading that was embarrassingly bad!)

and remember … The great reading is savored … and when you get one, you’ll know it is

special … especially if you have had some less than stellar psychic experiences along the way, like all of us do!

Famous Phantom Trains – 3 Charming Paranormal activities


Of all the paranormal activity have been observed in recent decades, there are ghost trains weirdest. Most of them put in appearance in the UK, which is known for its affinity for the paranormal, and also in America, which has experienced some historically important moments.

What ghost train look like? Phantom or ghost trains are as much like real trains. Some of them are quiet, while others usually make train noises, such as Clank and whistles. Some of the trains are totally empty, while others have ghosts and other astral bodies travelers.

Recorded on the pages of history are some famous ghost trains. Here is a list of 3 to enjoy the most fame.

1. The Nimbus

This Phantom train British origin-a Deltic Rail Class 55 diesel engine, to be exact. The British decided to take it apart in the late twentieth century, and the material obtained is used as scrap metal. Around nine months after its destruction, Nimbus reappeared as Phantom train and came out several times on the tracks.

2. The funeral train of President Lincoln

This train was used to transport the bodies of President Lincoln and Willie, his son, Springfield in Illinois for a burial ceremony. Phantom version has been spotted on the tracks every anniversary of a significant journey. Some have seen the skeletons travel this phantom train. As ghost train chugs by, even radios expected to be nonfunctional.

3. St. Louis Phantom Train

Based in St. Louis, Saskatchewan in Canada, this phantom train is famous for the ghost light. While some consider it a headlight train is, others think it is a lantern belong ghost a brakeman’s. This brakeman is believed to have died a violent death while on duty; passing train had cut off his head. Today, the brakeman is believed to be looking for a lost head in the light of a lantern. Skeptics, of course, are sure the lights coming from the headlights of vehicles on the highway.

No one knows what causes phantom train. Moreover, the Ghost Train in fact not “ghosts”. They are not spirits of dead people. A ghost train more seriously, energy trapped by the environment owing to the repeated action or intense emotion. The event is repeated several times in favorable conditions.

Whatever they are, they are truly fascinating paranormal phenomena that require a lot of research and learning.