Psychic Prices – What Should I Expect to Pay for a Psychic Reading?


Who else is thinking about getting a psychic reading but has no idea how much to pay? What is a fair price for a reading? How much is too much? And are free psychics too good to be true …. or are totally free readings something everyone shouldnt try? If you are anything like I once was …. figuring out a fair price for a legitimate psychic reading Can be a daunting proposition! The good news? After 20 years of psychic research, writing and reading … Both Personally and professionally, The following tips Should help you find a WOW reading at a great price.

Are the BEST psychics always the most expensive?

The truth? While there IS a relationship between price and quality, some of the most expensive psychics, in my experience are amongst the worst as well. The key to finding That perfect balance between price and quality is to do a bit of due diligence Before The reading begins. How? Check out on ratings, reviews and write ups. Do a little quality control research. Good psychics have fans …. and you’ll never find one That does not have a list of past Clients willingness to tell the world how great Their reading was. (including me!)

A fair price for a great reading?

It really Depends. OFFLINE? I’ve Paid Hundreds of dollars … and traveled Hundreds of miles for a disappointing reading with a celebrity psychic. I’ve also seen an amazing intuitive off the beaten path That gave me a MIND BLOWING reading for 20 bucks as well! The truth? If you want to get a great reading online, or from the comfort and convenience of your own home … your BEST bet is to spend 20 dollars for a TRIAL reading, or take advantage of one time specials Offered to first time callers on select That networks offer theme.

My Best Advice?

Never investiture too much in a reading until you are 100% sure the psychic, or network is right for you. Good readings are built on connection … and rapport. And this Can vary from person to person … and reader to reader, EVEN if the psychic is really good. So take 10, 20 or 30 minutes and the intuitive TEST to see if you connect. It will not cost you much … and You Can Oftel get ALL the information you need for a 25 dollars or less, while getting a reading you will not regret! (or EVER forgettable, I promise!)


Best Places to experience Paranormal Activity


Many remain skeptical of paranormal activity because they do not have personal contact with the spirit or unexplainable encounters firsthand. Yet those who dare to have a more open mind can take a vacation hotspot known for paranormal spirit. While there is no guarantee that the spirits will manifest themselves, studies show that some places are more popular for ghosts than others. In this article, you will read about the best places in America to experience paranormal phenomena.

Over 10,000 American soldiers died in the battle of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania makes this location an ideal place to experience paranormal phenomena. Many travelers report having met “Civil War repeated enactors,” even though there are no hired experts in the park. In one study, West Virginia Ghost Hunters captured some images of the overall-wearing apparition in the box.

Another frequently seen ghost a watchman who stands guard, pacing back and forth in the cupola at the top Pennsylvania Hall at Gettysburg College. White smoke and orbs often appear in photographs and travelers report sometimes smell the lilacs, which were used to cover up the smell of death and decay after the battle.

Many soldier apparitions have been spotted in the devil’s den, the site of particularly gory battle, where the bodies were moved by war correspondents for better photo ops. As Union Major General Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain said in 1889: “In great deeds something abides in Great fields something stays Forms change and pass; .. body disappear, but spirits sit, to consecrate ground for the vision-place of souls.”

The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado is the inspiration for Stephen King’s “The Shining.” In fact, King wrote the book while staying at The Stanley one empty night before they closed for renovation. The Atlantic Paranormal Society has undergone some remarkable aspects of ghost hunters there, where the cabinet doors open, space cracked right down the middle, apparitions ran through the corridors and tablets jumped in the air. Witnesses have seen apparitions of children and objects move across the room, they heard a piano, ghostly party takes place in the ballroom, they lose points and have seen ghosts walking through the room in the middle of the night. Even those who do not have the opportunity to experience paranormal events here said they could not sleep just thinking about “The Shining”.

Unfortunately, not all ghost caused by true stories. Amityville in New York is said to be one of the top places in the nation to experience a paranormal entity, thanks to being a place brutal family murder committed 23 years Ronald DeFeo Jr., who shot his parents and four young siblings on November 14, 1974 . The next owners, George and Kathy Lutz and their four children, argue that the place was incredibly haunted. They found banging noises, footsteps, mysterious smell, jelly-like material leaking from the walls and swarms of insects inside the house.

George became ill, went days without bathing and lighter, while the kids fought nonstop and Kathy had nightmares. Paranormal investigator Dr. Stephen Kaplan later uncover the story of the Lutz must have been a false alarm caused by their knowledge of the history of the house and preexisting obsession with mystery paranormal stories. How could it be “demonic footprints in the snow” weather records show it was, in fact, no snow on the day? Why did the family say they called the police if there are no police records of calls? Why would they say things at home were damaged when they are in tact? Maybe it’s an amateur ghost hunters who haunt current population Amityville most.


Free Psychic Websites – Can they help you



first and simplest answer to this question was yes, free psychic website can help just about anyone. However, it brings you to a whole new line of questioning about just how free psychic website could possibly help you. If you have any doubts at all, they should be well relieved by the time you finish reading this article.

Free Psychic websites come in all shapes and sizes. Some of the prospective sites focus on helping to make life easier. Another free psychic websites will help you to answer very personal questions or to help you through difficult times. Other Psychic pages are specifically there to help you find what may have been lost or stolen, or to help you cope with the loss when it is something that is not recoverable.

One of the greatest comfort you can get when you have lost something may come from free psychic website. You will often be able to encounter others in a similar situation or make friends with a new spiritual advisors or be able to encounter what you never dreamed was possible before. Many times life throws challenges our way and it is quite literally nothing you can do about it.

is often how well you are dealing with the difficulties that life presents so often you who decides what you do and, ultimately, who you are as a person. Many of the services listed on the psychic websites will help you to effectively deal with the challenges of life and even help you excel where you can one stumble in life. Most brokers use their gift to help people like you, but it’s up to you to decide if you want to help or not.

In other cases, people are just curious or even worried about the upcoming event. Some people just want to know what the outcome will be, while others will want to know how best to prepare for the event in question. Many free psychic sites are fully capable of providing answers like this.

Some Psychic websites answering questions with psychic reading or even advanced computer programs that simulate psychic reading while other sites will offer psychological assistance live psychic or medium to provide live spiritual reading for the individual. Limitations really only go so far that the psychic website visitor is looking for, and discover the psychic website has the specific needs in mind.

Although Psychic websites are actually growing and, in some cases, to get better and technical, some of the older psychic sites are well worth a look as well. One of the key factors in finding paranormal website that works for you is to find a site that can cater to your personal needs and tastes.

Fortunately, there are all kinds of psychological websites are so that you have some choices. Free Psychic websites sometimes offer every bit as much as the paid psychic pages. Whether you are looking for a spiritual website that offers psychic readings or spiritual support, the chances are pretty good that you can find everything you ever wanted in Psychic web these days.


How to Detect Paranormal Activity


If you feel that you have a presence in your home. Or at least something like a feeling you can not explain. It may be that there is some sort of paranormal activity. How do you really know if it is a ghost? What is the best way to distinguish truth behind it could only be feeling? There are several things that can indicate paranormal activity.

do you have in your house, what paranormal investigators call cold spots. This is pretty self explanatory. If the room is usually an even temperature. Are there any areas that have cold feeling as you walk through them? Can you find this change when you run your hand through this place? If this is real cold spot, it will always be there. Cold spots are areas where ghosts are believed to feed energy to sustain their own image.

If you have this feeling that we talked about in the first paragraph. Then this itself may indicate spirit activities. If there is no one else in the house, and you still feel that your not alone. Then you may well not be. Gut feelings are very powerful and should not be ignored.

This does not say as much, but I feel it has the same weight in the analysis of paranormal activity. Sometimes a ghost or spirit can own their past experience, change the mood in the room where they have a presence. If your own state of mind suddenly changes. If you become emotional when you felt happy just moments before. This may indicate a ghostly presence. Especially if it happens in the same place in the house on a constant basis. Equally mood swing could be happy, or aggressive. It would depend on the live ghost story.

Often you can find items turn up in places that you know should not be there. Some items may disappear for a while and then turn up on everything else in the house. If this is something that your experience, then this is almost certainly suggests paranormal activity. Unless of course someone is playing tricks on you.

All of the above may indicate ghostly activity. This is not an exhaustive list. For example, the behavior of pets may often be the result of some presence in the house. Animals seem to be more sensitive to the paranormal than we are. Look out for your dog or cat will not enter certain rooms. Some times it’s come back to that feeling in the gut, but all of the above are the cause for further investigation.


The Long Island Medium: Is it Cold Reading or actually talking to the spirit


Is Theresa Caputo really talk to spirits?

Is she a real … or is she simply do cold reading tricks that gullible people believe, simply because they want to believe? What do real scientists say about psychics and mediums, and the people who purport to communicate with the spirits on the other side? Is it new age nonsense, or is it real science supports the idea of ​​life after death is real, and we all go there after this life is done?

The truth is, we get a lot of questions about the famous psychic mediums like Theresa Caputo, John Edward, George Anderson, Kim Russo and others of similar interest

Some interesting facts about Theresa Caputo :.

Well before she was a household name, she built a reputation in New York to make a living (and, often, free) reading of a radio, for the well-known grief organization called “The Forever Family Foundation”, a non profit dedicated to help grieving families overcome the loss.

And she certainly is not always 100% accurate, well before the TV show she had stumped skeptics and scientists who would listen … hope to reach some kind of trickery, fraud or cold reading technique.

The funny thing is, while listening to her years back, before she was well-known celebrities, I could not help but be impressed and amazing amount of great specific information used to come through the live reading it with total strangers. .. Making it very difficult to explain away as fraud, fakery or good guesses.

(and to be totally honest with you, often … FAR more evidential and interesting than the stuff that comes through the TV)

And what about the skeptics and cynics and those who debunk ALL Psychic phenomenon?

Honestly? They are wrong. (I know … as I used to be one of them!)

The truth is, every psychic, clairvoyant or medium has to live on the basis of their own merit, and own their reading .. . the fact is, the skeptics like to claim that they are all doing a cold reading tricks, in just about all cases, they are the very same skeptics can not do exactly what they claim so easy for psychics to do.

In other words … you will see the famous skeptic claim that the medium is just to do a “cold reading” … and it is super easy to make, and is just a guessing game.

Then –

When they are actually asked to duplicate or replicate the results to get the media, in front of the same audience, or similar scientific accuracy test … they fail to get some anywhere near the results of the media’s (and this objectively measured performance both believers and skeptics as agreed before the tests are run).


View Dr. Gary Schwartz is working with mediums like John Edward, George Anderson and others on the University of Arizona. (which later became part of the HBO documentary about the life after death … and a book, “The Afterlife Experiments”)

Or works WIND BRIDGE organization on the very same subject, now in 2013.

Or University of Virginia’s work on psychic mediums and accuracy of what comes through the psychic session.

The truth is, there is an overwhelming amount of evidence that supports the idea that psychic mediums are genuine. Not all of them. Indeed, some are superior to others. But discount the idea of ​​psychics or mediums are getting accurate information from sources not yet understand … is that SPIRIT or elsewhere, is downright misleading! (because they are … and no matter how high the skeptics and debunkers may be, are facts facts)

The only way you’re going to know for sure?

Get a reading. Or, explore with an open mind. Embrace the magic … and bask in the mystery of it all.

I have no doubt that in reality the future will be a tremendous surprise than anything I can imagine. Now my own suspicion that the universe is not only queerer than we suppose, but queerer than we can assume. JB Haldane, evolutionary biologist. “When I am dead”


Paranormal Group – How To Start Your Own Paranormal Investigations Group Your


Popular TV shows like X-Files attracted great interest in the paranormal and lead to the formation Paranormal research groups. A typical online search will reveal a paranormal group in almost every state.

Unfortunately, however, groups flare up then die down as quickly. Generate Paranormal group is easy but keeping it going is the hard part. Lack of commitment and dedication of the members of the groups causing topple one after the other. Few have been able to last more than one year.

Starting A Paranormal Group

So how do you go about maintaining momentum in order to keep Paranormal Investigation group alive and kicking?

First and foremost, you must recruit members who are truly committed to the cause. It is not a question of quantity rather quality members. A large group of thrill chasers will not go anywhere. They will get bored as quickly as technical and organizational aspects of team building crawl. Less is more when it comes to the paranormal group formation.

The next factor to consider is the type of paranormal investigation with a group you want to generate. That is, the group must be recorded as profit or non-profit community? Legally, a non-profit society may raise funds from the public, but under close supervision IRS. A non-profit paranormal group needs to come up with creative ways to raise money to support their spending. This could be selling items such as branded tee-shirts, caps and even Ghost Hunting software in order to sustain activities.

running Paranormal Investigations Group

When a group is up and running, you will come to the constitution of a set of conventions and protocols for members. This document is intended to guide you in all ground operations. Clearly defined steps to elect officials, use of resources, new membership and such information will make up the constitution. Meeting schedules and agendas will also take account of the Paranormal group constitution. Of course you also prefer Club president, vice president, treasurer and secretary.

Then shall the participants can meet and decide how to raise funds for paranormal investigation. Also, the group may lead investigator who will lead and teach others, especially those who have no experience in paranormal investigation.

to get better results with the help of Ghost Hunting Software

It takes a lot of investment in time, money, and will cause to maintain Paranormal Investigation group. However, if planned and managed well, the group will have a lot of fun and educative sessions in the world Paranormal.


Are Psychics REAL? The Truth About psychics, mediums and spiritual reading


Q: What is the real truth behind psychics and people that make reading? Is there any real evidence that psychic abilities are genuine … or is it all a lot of new age Hokus Pokus and mental silliness? Is there evidence that psychic feelings are correct? What about clairvoyance and communication with the Spirit? 0Have psychics been studied by scientists … and if so, how have they brought?

any of these questions sound familiar?

In my decade studying psychic phenomena (god I’m getting OLD I feel that people generally fall into two different camps:

  • We either BELIEVE based on experience or intuition.
  • Or we do not believe based on our experience with less than stellar psychics who promise amazing things, yet deliver very little. (eg – high psychics promote celebrity videos that seem to be doing something more akin to guessing or hunting answer … but provide genuine insight or spiritual counseling)

No matter how much evidence arises that psychic abilities are actually a natural part of the universe and the human experience, it seems that people either stand aside the “fence” or else.

own My challenge to people who are curious about clairvoyance and other psychic talent does not make up his mind from articles like this -. but, to go and seek out your own experience and see what you find


good psychic reading, in the right situation can totally change what you believe is possible, and can quite literally … Turn any doubt or cynic to believe if they know first hand that the information is correct, and 100 % impossible to guess or picked using other means.

In my own life as a serious skeptic number of years ago, I had two incredible spiritual experience that completely transformed my life

1 – a dream visitation from a co-worker who died in the night, over 1000 miles away

2 – psychic medium tell me the experience, a few weeks later. Phone, totally random … and without potential system to know it in advance. (as I did not say soul it happened)

This experience basically changed my life, and opened me the idea that spiritual reality was true, and that there was much more to the world but what we are able to see.

are full of bogus psychics, mediums and spiritual professionals working in the world today?

course – and if you limit the experience to just those types of people, you are doomed to be disappointed. However, if you have an open mind, pursue genuine experience with qualified psychics that are highly recommended and referred by others whose opinions you respect, you will find the experience is likely to be much better, and you’ll come away believing something far different to boot!


Paranormal Investigation Techniques


Paranormal technology research vary somewhat dependent on what is being investigated. Many investigators choose to specialize in their own areas of expertise, which enables them to focus on one aspect of the paranormal.

For the spirit world, hidden supernatural technology study electronic voice phenomena, and video recordings in empty rooms where activity has occurred. Much of the research carried out at night, usually overnight. This ensures quiet, little or no outside light or sound disturbing evidence collection and less human interaction. Spirits tend to be more active at night, and frankly, there is always the spookiest in the evening, when we can not see into the darkness. The tachograph is installed, using data collected to detect the next morning for any unusual events. Results may take several nights, but active ghosts, could happen within minutes of all the lights to go out.

UFO and alien related Paranormal technology research can take place at any time of day or night. Some Misc happen in broad daylight in front of several witnesses, some come in the wee hours of the morning and bearing one or two people. When many things have taken place over a period of days, seen by many people in different places, it is what is known as the “flap” for UFO activity. Conducting Paranormal research in these areas is easier than singular sighting, including video and other equipment can be set up with a research team in advance.

In both cases, evidence collection begins with witness statements, and unfortunately most people end up there as well. Photographs, video and audio evidence may turn up something, but it has all been scientifically identified, it is of little use as far as proof. There are hundreds of UFO and ghost images available to be seen, though many have been proven to be a hoax, which in turn makes everyone else dismissed from the mainstream media and the scientific communities. Audio and video recordings tend to be interpreted differently by those who hear or see it, with each having their own opinion about what is really there.

to the day when positive evidence is found, paranormal investigation will be considered in the best interests of the scientific community as a whole, with little or no respect for the efforts of investigators given.


Famous American Psychics – The Best of the Best


Psychics have been around since the beginning of time. They are well documented and either revered or hated. There are many well-known psychics in America, but there are only a select few that have become very famous American psychics today. This prestigious list includes:

  • Sylvia Browne
  • Allison Dubois
  • John Edwards
  • Irene Hughes

Sylvia Browne – Sylvia is by far one of the more well-known psychics in America. Her reputation has followed her as an extremely honest and accurate psychic who can not only predict the future and see things before they happen, but can also communicate with beings on the other side. Known for being psychic since she was three years old, she grew up with a grandmother who was also a medium and a great influence in her life. She became very well known and popular after appearing for years on the Montel Williams Show and makes discussions and workshops around the world. Sylvia has written many interesting books and there is a waiting list of at least five years to have a reading with Sylvia

Allison Dubois -. Allison, in recent days has become well known because of the hit TV show ‘Medium’ based on the reality of her work as a psychic medium detective Texas and Arizona police officer. She realized she was psychic at the age of six years and is famous for linking deceased loved ones to live and help to solve crimes with the police. Allison also tours around the world and is the author of

John Edward -. John was not a big belief in psychic abilities until he saw himself as a psychic told him he was a natural medium and to help people connect with those who have crossed over. He later had a hit television show called “Crossing Over,” where he would help people in the audience connect with deceased loved ones. Most TV John burden, however, from being on Larry King Live. In addition to being a talk show host John is also a writer and has written many good books

Irene Hughes -. For thirty years, Irene was named one of the top ten psychics in America. Fifteen years ago, she was called back to one of the ten most incredible psychics. She has a long history of making very accurate predictions and have done and read for many officials, celebrities as well as royalty. She has also been a great help in working with law enforcement and solve crimes.

This famous American psychics are all alive and well. Much more is available online and each one can still contact the psychic reading.


Paranormal – Entering the spirit world


Most people do not believe in ghosts, but they are among us. At least that’s what people have thought since the beginning of time. Long before the written word ghost stories have been passed on. Members of communities believe in the spirit claimed to have seen the spirits of dead ancestors. Many ancient seers would call the spirit or the dead to predict the future. It was not until the first century AD these ghostly stories and tales were written done.

Two thousand years later, people still believe in ghosts. Too many people are reporting seeing shadows and ghostly phenomena for us to ignore the possibility that something will be out there! But, what all to see, hear or experience?

Before I go further, I want to clarify a few things, make sure we’re all on the same page. Not everyone means the same thing when they say the word ghost. There are many simple yet misunderstood words that are specific to the investigation of ghostly phenomena.

Most people use the word “ghost” to translate the Phantom share. What they really mean is a spirit creature that has passed on. In the blog when I refer to “ghosts” I am referring to the latter. I bet some of you are wondering what the difference is? Most cases of ghostly phenomena over the centuries, have been of things that were never human. People have reported seeing spectral animals or phantom trains. These things were never human, and obviously never had a soul or spirit.

Paranormals scientists use the word “ghost” to describe the visual appearance of a disembodied entity. This describes all types of ghosts, whether they are men or not. Examples of the apparition was seeing an angel next to your bed, you would not call it a ghost, right? I know most of you would never make this distinction when talking to your friends on the street, but investigators believe is best to stick with the word apparition unless of course you really mean ghost. An easy way to look at it is all ghosts are apparitions but not all apparitions are ghosts

Here is a list of other words that are used to describe a ghost or apparition :.

  • Essence
  • Manifestion
  • Night Shade
  • Phantasm
  • Phantom
  • presence
  • Shade
  • Shadow
  • Soul
  • Spectre or specter
  • Spirit
  • Spook
  • Vision
  • Wraith

Then of course there are Poltergeists which is quite a different thing. (I will discuss them in a later post.)

There are many different kinds of apparitions. Did you know that some claim that the plan? There are some that are only seen once. An example of this was a luminous ghost of a boy who appeared in Corby Castle in Cumberland, England, just one night, 8 September 1824. Some appear on a certain day or time. Still others will appear on the anniversary of a specific date. Phantom Hitchhikers are know to appear on the anniversary of their death. Then of course those are the ones that take up residence in a place that they were someone connected when they were alive. The ghosts are seen more often.

man who apparition is called percipient a ghost is called agent. Agent is used especially when you have a ghost who intentionally makes himself off. It wants to be seen, usually because it has a message to give.