3 Tips for tapping into your psychic abilities


Some people know they have psychic abilities or “gift” but are not sure how to manage and develop it. While others may think that they would like to be able to “see the future”, to be more intuitive, providing reading card or communicate with loved ones on the other side, but are not sure if they can. Is it not just for the gifted few?

The answer to that question is easy, “No”. Anyone can develop their spiritual side, some are more adept at it than others, but everyone can do it, with practice and perseverance.

Here I will share three top tips for tapping into psychic abilities.

The Number One tip I can share with you is to meditate regularly

Meditation encourages us to turn analysis, our daily-thought-brain and tap into our intuition, creative, your subconscious mind. This allows us to access information on a deep level, is necessary in psychic development. When we begin to analyze our feelings and what to shoot in our heads, we stop the message coming through our intuition or from the spirit world. We need to be able to switch the mode easily to access’ slide “our side.

If you are someone who knows they have a gift but find it difficult to manage it, regular meditation will really help you. Focus your ‘spiritual’ power at one particular time of day when you consider you can quite literally say that your spirit guides (if you know who they are or not) this is the time to go messages, and no one else. This is especially useful if you’re psychic side ‘wakes you up at night, or cause you disturbance at other times of the day.

Meditation is not difficult or complicated, it can be as simple and relaxing in a lounge chair and listen to your favorite piece your calm music. If you want to give it a go, but I know you have an active mind, the best way to meditate is to focus on your breathing. Sit comfortably and make sure that you will not be interrupted. Breathe slowly and deeply and simply count your breath in the number of four, hold it, and then exhale for a number of four. If your mind wanders and you tend to focus on this work to consider the spirit as soon as you realize that’s what you have done, simply continue counting. Try this for a few minutes every day

Second, my advice is to learn about your energy field :.

energy field consists of auras, chakras and lines of energy about them, and connect them. You may have heard of them before and wondered what auras and chakras have to do with psychic abilities, but they are important in working this way. We are all energetic beings, we make, edit and create, and give off energy in various forms. We are surrounded by electro-magnetic field and through this we work as a radio transmitter and receiver to go and get information on subtle (or mental) level. Learn about energies and understand how they work, and how we can use them will really change the way you see the world and how you think about your relationship with others. Required skills include learning how to open, close, and earth, and protect energy

For now, why not practice one key factor -. Grounding. This will be especially used if you ever find a bit “away with the fairies’ and is a key skill in learning to manage your talent. It will also help you clear your head if you need it.

  • The first, very simple exercise stand with your feet hip width apart allow you arms hang loosely at your sides.
  • Slightly bend your knees and allow your weight to sink into your feet.
  • rock gently back and forth on his feet several times to find a balance.
  • Take all your awareness on your feet and in particular point to the base of the ball of your foot (about 1/3 down from the top of your foot between the big and second toe).
  • Imagine all the weight sink down to this.
  • Visualize roots extending out from this point and go down deep into the ground.
  • Stand like this for a few moments, allowing the body to relax and breathe deeply.

Tip number three is to learn to Dowse

Dowsing is a great way to learn to tap into your own innate intuitive and psychic abilities. It is a skill that you use an object (usually a pendulum or dowsing rod) to physically present the answer to a question that you do not consciously know the answer to. I’m often asked how dowsing works, or even before, “I bet you’re moving it yourself.” Regular my answer to the second is, “I’m probably! The idea behind dowsing is our subconscious or even spiritual side of us is to know the answer and produces micro-movements (Ideomotor response) in our muscles that cause the movement we can then interpret. Dowsing is a great skill for beginners and they begin to develop their talents.

Using a Pendulum is the easiest way to Dowse (for people at least). To do this, you can use the pendant or gemstone or put a weight of some kind – a circle, for example on a piece of string or necklace. (I’ve even used Polo mint so do not think it needs to be anything particularly special.)

Here is a taster to get you started . Ask a friend to hide something in a room or part of your home and see if you can find it by dowsing.

First, you must orientate pendulum so that you know that the “yes” and “no “The response that it gives you (I would suggest that you do this every time you start Dowse.)

  • Hold the pendulum in one hand a few inches above the palm of the other hand.
  • Ask in you mind or aloud the question you know the answer is ‘yes’ (for example, I might ask my name is Helen? “). Pendulum begins to move either side, back and forth, clockwise or counter clockwise. Make comment on what is the point of this “yes” or positive feedback.
  • Now the question you know the answer is “no” (for example, I might ask, Am I a boy? “Make a note of this negative or ‘no’ response.
  • Now focus on the hidden object you are looking for. Really visualize it in your mind, or imagine that claim. Then ask the pendulum questions to narrow down where it could be. Remember, they have to be a question that only you can answer yes or no, and they will need to get more and more accurate. Examples are: “Is it in the house?” “Is it there?” Is it in the bathroom / bedroom / kitchen etc.? ‘
  • I would suggest confirm the answers by asking the opposite questions. So if you ask if the item is down and you get nothing, then always ask, “is it down?” Do not assume that it will be, you would be surprised how accurate this process but you have to ask the right questions. This is even more important when you’re looking for something small, like a piece of jewelry. You can get negative in both these sample questions for earrings is actually on the landing or stair halfway between two floors.
  • Always keep the focus on the hidden object otherwise, if your mind wanders, you can get wrong or confused answers.

You can test this on a larger scale and you get used to it. Once you know the positive feedback you get from Pendulum, you can also Dowse the map of the territory, or drawn out map of your home, room or garden while addressing the core or energy hidden object.

Remember, practice and perseverance are the key to hone your psychic abilities. In all honesty you could probably spend years just on these three tips alone and develop your psychic abilities well without the other exercises.


Online Phone Psychic Readings – Free Psychic Readings


If not for the Internet and the ample opportunities it has provided, psychic readings had been tied to wealth and powerful who could afford a way to get access to them in private homes and offices. To get access to the Internet has broadened the horizons and landscapes psychic reading so that reading can now be performed online and even free for that matter. Free online reading has done psychic readings available to the poor and less privileged in the society. Free online psychic readings are now made from anywhere. Anyone who might have access to the Internet can actually have access to free online reading regardless of the location of his or her.

Free tests are usually only done through the Internet or through a telephone conversation. The fix is ​​in the telephone conversation, but scarcity is that there is only a limited number of times. Another way free online reading the email and instant messaging services. The email services are the most popular ways to free online reading. It is most convenient for the reader that such measurements can be made on their disposal. Most psychics who provide free services Reading advantage of this free reading to do and keep their customers. They use it to create what they call a mailing list, a list of their customers. That is why it is always very common to see many psychic readers distribute free newsletters either monthly or every two weeks for these clients. They form the clients or potential clients list. They promote their services through free reading psychic services. The assumption is always enough providers offer psychic services are free reading, this will enable potential customers to try their service first and get the specific client for accuracy.

Online reading can be made by any independent provider skills and specialty. There are free online psychic reading services providers as well as clairaudience, clairsentience, Tarot, astrology and lots of psychic readers today provide free online reading service. The free train service is not limited to a certain type of people. The service is often open to all regardless of language, color or creed. That is why you see American psychics or the UK psychics, psychics Australian, Irish Psychic Canadian psychics and even French slide all competing with one another or trying to out do the other.

Free reading should not be a means to an end in itself and it can hardly give you all the information you are looking for. It can only give you a little information but at the same time is able to convince you of the value and accuracy of such reader. Even though it should not be a goal in itself, it should be a process to bring you to the end. By trying the free offer that you should be able to find out who among service providers is to provide accurate and true information, and each grant is likely to give you a solution to the problem you are looking for. Free online reading are very helpful in deciding what the psychic readers one should settle for.


Psychic FAQ: Do you believe in life after death without being religious



Q: Can belief in life after death be acceptable … even if you are not a believer

Does one need to believe in the traditional god to believe in heaven or some kind of survival of bodily death? or there is always some sort of god within

A 😕 The funny thing is, while we get such a question quite often, in my opinion … it is fairly common for people who do not believe in organized religion to keep some of the certain belief that something, that mental transition or otherwise, says this life to the next. As a matter of fact, these days, it is almost a “cliche” to describe themselves as “spiritual but not religious” and when asked … at least 50% of respondents identify themselves as such.

Here’s the thing …

I can not believe you’ve got to pray to a specific deity or God to believe that there is a higher power.

For example, I grew personally in anything religious Jewish home, and while I’m not a believer of traditional standards (and only very rarely go to the Temple or service) I have a solid foundation of faith that there is much more “life” than meets the eye.

I have had many “Afterlife encounters” that have been much more evidential and convincing that there is life after death, but something I was taught growing up.

As a writer and scholar and online publisher of several popular mental and spiritual content and communities on the web, I can tell you from first hand experience that most of our readers say exactly the same thing: They believe based on faith and practice, but it was not until they had their own amazing experience did they know for sure!

my rule of thumb these days? What you really experience first hand … is much more powerful than what you’re saying, or taught, or even forced to believe. (as we know, in some cultures, what you’re told to believe is often far more stringent than those of our experience in the Western world)

my own experience with psychics, mediums and even explore all kinds of changed consciousness through compromises, and the use of spiritual or psychic tools and techniques have taught me more about the unseen world, than any textbook could.

Not to say that I do not respect or understand the people who use their faith to come to the same place! Some of my closest friends (including several successful psychic mediums) are among the most religious people I know, and integrate Afterlife their belief system on both what they “see” in reading, in connection with what they were taught as part of their culture or religious community.


How can you get a parapsychology degree


Several adults and students want to learn parapsychology, human consciousness, Transpersonal psychology or a combination of these areas. These issues are of great importance. Courses and degrees that are available on these topics are very few. People have confidence that there are postgraduate studies in universities that possess parapsychology labs.

Now there are universities that teach courses are graduate parapsychology outside America in Europe. You can find a professor at some university research that you can work with. You can browse Medline and Psychological Abstracts to see who is performing in these areas. If you have a primary interest in parapsychology, things get much more difficult. You can not forget academic institutions if you need to participate in this topic at the professional level.

If your goal is a division position with good tenure at several major universities then the degree of stress in parapsychology will not see a benefit. Parapsychologists teach or do traditional work in order to make a living. Some students will solve the issue of compensation under the general academic status without warding off its interests in parapsychology.

Scientific Parapsychology is a tiny cell with only a few people in the world working on it. The odds of picking a good job are very low. Go for parapsychology as a career needs a strong entrepreneurial skills, great determination and ingenuity, initiative in one of the stereotypes of science or academic discipline and the ability to pass the course of traditional acumen. Parapsychology is a demanding job with great flexibility to identify new ideas and make important improvements to the avant-garde.

If you expect fast alternative to simple issues or complete answers to clear questions, then parapsychology is certainly not meant for you. If you are fond of analyze the complete range of human possibility and ask about the situation, then there is no better method than parapsychology.

parapsychology bachelor degree courses may consist of classes in moral and legal issues of holistic healing, spiritual development and understanding dreams. The schools provide parapsychology degrees also specialize in providing Master degrees in parapsychology, the science that makes you learn Chakra therapy, near death experiences.

Doctor parapsychology of Philosophy degree provides a profound education in parapsychology accessible with classes in business development, psychic healing, parapsychology, advanced psychic intuition and media

parapsychology degree courses already taken online can not be very challenging but parapsychology is one of the most breathtaking and challenges. Parapsychology schools offer an amazing way to get connected with the forces of the environment, the universe and the physical world for a nice understanding of physiology and human psychology.


Psychic Dependency on Psychic Reading Circuit


There is a need in all of us to question things in our life; wonder, considering confirmed, to know. Sometimes the ways that require us to someone who can bring insight and clarity on an issue that concerns us can be given greater guidance. Why is it that some people can get the value of spiritual consultation or psychic readings, while others become susceptible provide human conditions, such as emotional deprivation, depression, sadness, or sensory loss of any kind; and in order to reduce this because of spiritual advice on issues in your life, reading divided in to fill the void that will be increasingly difficult to manage and requires what is called a “mental addiction” or “mental slavery.”

I remember reading I was giving the psychic network on the web, where thousands of advisers were offering their services – although no special skills or knowledge is required to give advice there. Since I own and operate my own service outside the net, I’ve been able to experience the great difference between the applicants call network psychics and applicants requiring consultations.

Most applicants for psychic advice are calling psychics network will trigger hundreds of different psychics ask them the same questions. Even when advised to do this, the temptation is too strong for them to resist. They called and called trying to determine whether what one psychic said was confirmed by another, then another and another. On and on until querent (candidates) start calling psychics armed with the information they “believe” that they have been told, and now takes on a new quality or dimension in reading that actually starts to change the baseline conditions and causes a change in what is selected from slide to slide. In other words, somewhere in the early concern gets cluttered with unsubstantiated facts and projections and, consequently, new emotions come out because they feel now and begin to feel that they already know. A real psychic picks up thoughts, feelings, etc., but when querent has new feelings and thoughts based on what they have been told hundreds of my psychics, this will be a form of “modified energy.” Various find themselves struggling with what they “see” versus what the customer is telling them. It takes a skilled spiritual adviser to circumvent these new attitudes and pre-conceived ideas and to get to the bottom of the matter, concentrated with junk (probably idealistic and often absurd details where things turn out exactly as found wants them) . A common misconception is the psychic picks up the feelings of another and when favorable to the client, it is wrongly changed in a favorable forecast for the future. This is where the skill and experience is required

Many times these forecasts are not accurate, but many media take up similar information in the past and present. so you can imagine the kind of confusion that will develop over a period of time by constantly going from one to the other spiritual. Suddenly there is no clear, there is only confusion, there are no answers, and there are many answers. In fact, there are too many answers – too many points of view, too many subjective opinions, too many readings from too many different [misguided] consultants who say opposite things from each other. Then, in the confusion that come forward to ask slide after slide trying to get even more answers and it becomes a vicious circle. This is particularly evident in large networks with a large number of persons are trained to give the script reading or reading-cold place where the chances of finding a genuine psychic is about two in literally hundreds (approx. 0.5%). This is not the place for someone who has dependency issues. Getting a psychic reading can be just as addictive as any one can become addicted on– as addictive as drugs or alcohol. As studies have shown, the tendency usually when genetically for drugs and alcohol as these addictions span familial generations. For people who have found themselves addicted to psychic readings, a similar process is underway. Of course, there have been no clinical studies confirm the mental addiction compared to drug or alcohol addiction or psychological dependence; but for sure the same impulses and tendencies inherent in this behavior with serious consequences like calling too many psychics too often. The seeker is now going to a psychic to get a temporary fix as idealistic, unrealistic information given now it’s come to try rather than description. The seeker must depend on the “good feeling” he gets after hearing that everything is going to work out exactly as he or she wants. This works for a while until found is fully implemented, they have been a victim of misleading or even by well-intentioned psychic counselor who find themselves susceptible to these pitfalls. That’s when things get ugly and there are now thousands of bitter applicants can finally achieve genuine psychic who can help them, but will never be able to recognize it because this is the point where a real estate calls and “suddenly, impatient and ready to harass “unsuspecting real spiritual advisers.

I would like to highlight my experience authentic spiritual intuition and impression I took when I talk to candidates online compared with those in private consultations. Those who call me privately usually have done their research about psychics, most often have been through network psychics and have become totally disillusioned, even their own intuition is telling them that something real is out there. They just have to try a little harder to find someone who is legitimate, someone whose capacity is outweighed only by their integrity and deep commitment to the truth.

People who come to a genuine psychic adviser are, for the most part, ready to hear the truth and they are relaxed and open and usually do not have obstacles. If there are obstacles, because consultation is not interrupted when your money runs out, the private adviser is able to relax the client and prepare them for authentic reading before they start. Unlike the networks found wants to jump right in their reading without hesitation in varying states of mind, and often times is not ready for a real reading because they are on the clock and in a hurry. In private consultations, applicants can get the answers they need, let reading emotional power and positive and will feel satisfied until the next reading them. Psychic networks enable people who are mentally addictive. They do not help with their problems; they just make it worse by causing them to spend more money than they can afford increases their problems instead of reducing them.

I also found that many applicants for the network can be abrupt, impatient, totally unappreciative of the process of getting a real psychic reading and do not know what a real psychic reading is expected to offer or what they should reasonably expect. At this point they are frustrated because they have had too many reading and they do not know what to believe and are quite angry, and this sets up a barrier to adjust properly and connect with higher consciousness of the reader. A psychic can not answer all your questions. They do not know everything. They can give you “display” them based on questions-usually a piece of the puzzle. They can guide you to find your own answers, with your own intuition. But a psychic need to start clean with the situation but when a customer comes in so many different factors (eg, beliefs and ideas they have received from other psychics), this creates a block. Some psychics will create fantasy and found that, in turn, feeds the imagination, which is totally unethical. A good psychic will help you find self, center and give you excellent insights, forecasts and detailed information. But it’s amazing how most networks psychics for the most part can not make accurate predictions. I have found that both come and psychics feed off of each other, turning the experience to one that is far from reality, spiritually connected knowledge. They are using each other. I often times find it difficult to read the candidates on net and I’m sure the experience was mutually frustrating, and this is not read to be.

For those who have found themselves feeling of control because of their need to have a stable reading, you need to get this under control by seeking professional advice as there are other underlying issues that need attention, and while running of the mill fake psychic work on the network will not be able to help you. You have to do things to break PsyCle mutual utilization! A private psychic consultation with genuine psychic intuition will show you what a real spiritual reading really is. It is possible to answer your questions and leave you feeling free, not chained to interminable sense of hopelessness and helplessness and the “need” to get the fast food junkie slide cycle. You can change any habit and this could very well be easier than you think, especially when you find out what a real psychic reading really can do to improve your life.


Notice More coincidences – Signs of Psychic ability


When we experience a coincidence that we can not help but feel a spiritual force at work, especially organizing events in a way that grabbed our attention. Coincidences are clever. Improbable nature seems designed to pique our curiosity. But it is our curiosity that will partly help weave together coincidences.

In recent years, coincidences played for me all the time. For most of the last month, however, that no one came to me. Or I did not notice any. About three weeks ago, I wonder where the coincidences had gone. It was this thinking of calling them back to my consciousness. I was paying attention again

If it has been a while since you take a chance, you can attract a one simply by wondering whether one will make appearance. Ask yourself for a symbol that could play in the future realities. All signs will do. Simply close your eyes and accept the very first thing that pops to mind. Accepting the very first thing that comes to mind is hard to do for a lot of people. Often say the first thing that pops to mind, as strange or irrelevant. But psychic intuition is fast!

Recently, for me, it was frogs that popped up in my mind. Jumping croaking frogs. It sounds silly to think frogs had any real significance in my world, they might indicate some direction, suggest an idea, lead me somewhere. Then again, why second guess harmless spiritual vision?

I moved automatic writing exercise, imagine frogs do different things in my mind. I believe that Intelligence to arrange coincidences loves to play. So I wrote a page of frogs in Psychic my diary. Psychic experience can come out of this exercise. I recommend that you write about what the psychic symbol comes to mind. Write soon. A point will do.

I wrote, “leap frog! Peeping in water, plucking the banjo, belching a bog, sing me to sleep every night, in the summer. Tad Poles swimming in a bowl. I watched change, change, change . Aquarium, terrarium. Boy, I wonder. When I was a boy I took you back to the swamp back garden. You were at home, where you belong. “

insight into the meaning behind coincidences can be found in symbolism on their part. Write about the frog, which I thought of as a psychic sign me, helped me to see how it could perform surgery. I would be looking for some frogs that appear in the future to my reality, incidentally, these shows. True, my depictions were often the frogs they could usually be seen– jumping song in a swamp, etc. But it helps to remind me of the power behind the archetype. If my totem frog was communicating mystical message to me, that message could be about transformation, sing, make a jump, go home or live in two places. Maybe I undergo its own metamorphosis my!

Like the frog, I live in two worlds- one fictional, one real. When I perform as an actor, on stage, I live in an imaginary world. The same goes for another role I play in life, the role of the slide. When psychics see visions for the people, appear the visions in his thoughts! To develop mental skills, you have to believe in your imagination.

first appearance frog came to me at The Museum of Natural History, just down the street from my apartment. Large new tape announced a new exhibition of the museum: 200 live frogs. In ancient cultures, the frogs were considered to be totems rain delivery. Auspiciously, it was raining.

my umbrella cause me trouble when I walked into the subway station. I had to jiggle hardware feather little to get it to close. Once securely fastened, I thought for a moment that it is a great and valuable inventions spring. How wonderful it is to open the umbrella, you simply press a button and poof! It is open!

I have a childlike wonder of simple things like this. A sense of wonder and naiveté is necessary to develop mental skills. If you want to attract coincidences, renew your sense of appreciation for the simple miracles of life. My mind went to a variety of applications for the brilliant spring. Watches, Pogo sticks, mats. When I’m on the subway train your mind goes off in the silliest places!

As the train was coming to a halt, I dug my fingers into the bottom of my backpack in search of lip balm. I touched something small and smooth that I could not, so I pulled it out. It was a little spring, part of the pen had broken and gone to pieces in my bag. At that moment, I looked out the window. We were stopped at Spring Street!

Coincidences revealed otherwise invisible ties that binds everything together. Psychic mind is tied into this invisible thread. The proof is in the small moments like these. The psychic mind is active in us, even if we are not aware of it.

A few days after this train, my friend Ken and I decided to go see Sam Shepard’s true West in East Village. In the theater, I was given program. The name of the production company was Curious Frog!

A day or two later, I was in drama class, my teacher brought up the subject of stage props. He suggested that we bring in something that we thought we could use in the scenes. A couple of students digressed for a moment about some strange props studio has had over the years. “What happened to the frogs?” one of them said. “Remember those two ceramic frogs? For a time they were in every scene!”

I visited my parents in Rhode Island for a few days. Shortly after my arrival, my mother pointed out in the backyard, and said, “What do you think about the new garden ornaments?” She was referring to two ceramic frogs! They were squatting on you.

That night we went to see the movie UP. Preview play in feature animation called “The Princess and Frog.The film UP features frog, which was humorously portrayed as an alarm clock. Later, when I was in bed, real frogs began plucking away in a swamp behind our house.

A lot of frogs ended up appearing in physical memory after the first “psychic vision.” Coincidences happen in the places where we dream. For me it is theater, film, home where I grew up. The “visions” I had Psychic my diary really did describe the frogs that came to me

Coincidences leave us feeling touched by something special. We ask what they mean as if there was only one meaning. But the coincidences mean many things. They mean what you want them to mean, and more. When they appear, take it as a sign of psychic mind is awakening, even calling you. Notice where the sign is displayed, and spend time in these places. You can find some meaning behind coincidences are hidden, but the path is laid out for you. Coincidences are could, but they are fun to cultivate and follow!


Connect the dots in the Paranormal: little people and fairies


What current, our modern thought the little people and fairies, the fact legends and stories are of the culture around the world is hard to dispute. No other area is attached to these creatures as England, Ireland, and Scotland ist amazing stories of these creatures. Things of little people and fairies continues to this day, and even some of our modern sightings that we do not understand could be this phenomenon as well. Here is an example of a recent sighting of the book fairies Real encounters little people with Janet bord

Quite recently, probably in 1990, fifteen-year-old Brian Collins was holiday in the Aran Islands off west Donegal. while out walking early one morning he saw two little men fishing from a bank overlooking the sea. They were about 3 and a half feet tall, dressed in green with brown boots. One had a gray beard and a flat hat. They were laughing and talking in Irish, and suddenly they jumped over the bank. When Brian went to look for them, they had gone, but they had left the pipe back. He took it back to the house where he remained, but while it dissappeared from a locked drawer. When Brian saw the little men again, he tried to photograph them and tape-record their conversation, but nothing came out.

Odd modern sighting is really show these events still happen. Fairies are different in size, shape and appearance, but when he seen that the sighting is aware of what they are watching. As above sighting shows our film and Story Books describe these creatures as small, sometimes bearded and generally clad in green or brown may be based on sightings and their reports. Classic books The Secret Commonwealth of Elves, fauna and fairies Rev. Robert Kirk Details the life and culture of these beings. It was believed that he got his information from local folklore and legends, where he grew up in Aberfoyle, Scotland. A diary of his has since been found directly on this subject called The Secret Lives of elves and fairies; From general Journal Rev. Robert Kirk where, if you can believe it, he says he talked and visited these creatures as they live in the Fairy Realm.

Kirk is not the only one who has claimed to have been where these creatures live. He called it “The land of the” and said the fairies lived inside the earth. The sightings and stories I’ve read through what appears to be at least a few where people are two different things, or call them different things, but can be the same phenomenon. A common time is the nature of spirit. In the eyes of witnesses beings share a lot of smilarities. But can we trust our eyes with this area of ​​the paranormal?

Both of the above books suggest that fairies, or any of their families, can shape shift. They sometimes use what is called “Glamour” to change their appearance, perhaps let us see what we think we should see. This is also common to believe in fairy lore and seems to lend itself to modern studies and researchers try its best to define something that may not be definable and simply look how our mind tells us that it should look. Over the centuries many common threads can be found with these beings, glamor and shapeshifting are among them. People see them disappear into thin air is also concurrent with lots of sightings.

The very nature of these beings makes proving their existence almost impossible. Do we really have to prove if they exist or not to get the bottom of one though? We already have a lot of information about them to return to the last few hundred years. It may be time to use the fantastic to help provide clues and missing pieces to other areas of the fantastic. Other cultures as well as the Scottish and Irish thought them to be fact, such as the Cherokee Indians designate a name for them. Maybe Little People and fairies should be filed under Cryptozoology make things a little simpler. A couple fairy beliefs and abilities seen and reported by these creatures overlap with other areas of the paranormal.

I do not know what the whole picture of this is supposed to look like, but I hope I’m not the only one looking. In this area, one has occasionally to stretch their faith and believe something else might be possible. The fact is often stranger than fiction could dream up. Maybe you really see the little creature in the eye.


Psychic Love Reading – how they can help your love life


Psychic Love Reading has become quite popular in recent years, but they really are and what questions these observations answer?

Here are some common questions that people ask the Psychic Love Reading

  1. Is he or she for me
  2. Should I marry my partner
  3. Should I go with my partner
  4. Should I get a divorce
  5. I leave my boyfriend or girlfriend
  6. Will I ever true love
  7. I have met already one for me
  8. Will I be happy in love

Of course there are many more questions that people ask the psychic reading love. Each person has something that troubles him or her love life. What Psychic Love Reading can do is to give a clear vision of where your life is going, the Avenue you should choose, and what decisions you should do.

Why people go to measurement? The answer is quite simple. Love can confuse us, get us to think about our heart and not our minds. We all know that love is irrational in nature. That is why so many have made wrong decisions when love and emotions involved.

Many want to ensure they are making the right decisions in life love and relationships. Psychic Love Reading can help you take your life in the right direction and avoid making mistakes that can seriously harm your life later. Of course, laugh at some of these things. They just do not believe them. Well, if you do not believe that there is more to life than what you can find 5 senses, but psychic reading is not for you. But if you believe, even if you’re not sure, but it is possible to make the decision much easier.


When we can say that the movement is truly paranormal?


Ghost Hunting is becoming more and more popular. With new TV shows that appear all the time and that is to give people a taste of what is fast becoming a reality. There are many companies Ghost Hunting now offering people the opportunity to be part of this fascinating experience. While this is a unique and memorable experience for all those involved it is still only be classified as entertainment. This is mainly because it is so difficult to measure activity which is taken during a ghost hunt.

I think it would be fair to say that when a group of people who do not know each other for ghost hunting come together there is no strong bonds of trust in each other. This is the first problem. Most of the experiments, such as table tipping and glass motions are using the power of the people involved that makes it extremely difficult to assess whether someone is being over enthusiastic. There are different controls that you can put in place, but just by doing this you are present lack of confidence of those involved, ie asking them to remove their hands or to step back from the table. Obviously there are subtle ways like asking men to participate and only women. This still applies, however, leave some participate in the experiment,

The same can be said of Vigil, when they are made and it is usually very dark so you can not see what people are really doing. One way to monitor this would allow guests to bring a video recorder at the event, which really lets people know they may be recorded feigning activities such as stone throwing or tapping noise. Many TV shows have been outed as being fraudulent and managed to do something to create a sense of activity in the camera. However, if you consider the content of these programs, you can definitely see why they would feel the need to create a sense of fear among their audience. There is a certain pressure when you present this experience to people that something paranormal going on and it is very surprising how impatient people can be.

I guess the only way to ensure that something paranormal has definitely taken place to monitor the movements and actions of all participants. In a controlled environment this would be easy to do. The ghost hunt However, it is not so easy as things are used to help define reality of paranormal activity. Locked away the object is taken up and kept strictly away from any human interaction is a great way to know if anything had happened para Normally or not.

Although there are obvious flaws in measurement Paranormal Activity while ghost hunting with the public it is still quite amazing when activity occurs, and whether you believe or rely on those involved, sometimes there is little room for questioned but never one hundred percent certainty. Ensure that those involved are given the knowledge of how to set their own controls and to trust their own belief system goes some way to ensure that they are not hood winked in any way. If they still believe that they have taken strong control, such as noise comparison, temperature and EMF equipment, it is a great possibility that they may have witnessed something paranormal.


Psychics in business – media in the corporate world? 3



Perhaps one of the best ways to explain how psychics fit the corporate world to talk about some of my experience …..

I started my corporate career when I joined the department Comptroller of Imperial Oil (Exxon’s Canadian affiliate) at the beginning of 70. Despite being fully aware of my abilities as a psychic, I used them often at work. The great surprise my staff, colleagues and bosses, I had an eye for finding the hidden mistakes. I remember when I was on the way up prominent end projects. We had to produce pages upon pages of data analysis over a very long spread sheets. An employee came to me one of the last tables for inspection … it was about two feet wide and as deep columns of the columns of numbers. Saroj said it was all in balance and when I checked the totals they seemed okay … but I looked at the sheet for a minute longer, then pointed to a set of numbers somewhere in the middle of the spread sheet and said “it the problem, check these totals, I think they are wrong and it made everything else look right. “She was most annoyed, having spent days in the columns add up and balance over as well as down … . 4 hours later she came back in shock … “You were right, how did you know? How could you find that so quickly?” speechless might be a better word than shocked …. we were all introduced soon after the project was completed have exceeded every other team in its history … you see we actually did the project twice, but we came in on time and on budget …. while we build a new system to collect data from our databases , we were doing the project the old way, with a calculator and our brains. When the system results and guide our reports all things considered, we knew that no one would ever have to struggle through the old manual system again. One of those times when good my instincts paid off in saving time and money.

This marked movement memory system environment, naturally slide .. you see psychics, including reading the flow of energy around, through and in total. You can say that psychics are leading systems engineers …. and then we read also people in the same way that organizations are made up of people, it is often very easy for the slide to see where the bottlenecks are and also where the negativity is sourced business

I remember a time when I was to analyze the distribution function that needed a new order processing / inventory management system -. owners could not explain the dramatic increase in losses inventories past year or two. I spent almost a week working in a warehouse and the customer service desk, tracking orders from beginning to end, documenting their existing systems … As the week passed, I became increasingly concerned about … I could find no flaw in their system to explain loss … but all week I kept flashing on the vision of goods disappear out the back door in broad daylight … it would not leave me alone … In the minds of my eye, the goods were to fly on their own provide a back door , never to be seen again … At the end of the week, I met with the owners to present my results …. My recommendation shocked them. I told them they did not need a new computer system … but they had theft management systems, camera systems at loading docks and shipping / receiving desk …. and fire some warehouse staff. I asked if they knew of any workers with connections to parts dealers or automotive stores … Sure enough, two of the long-term shipping-receiving clerks of them had such a connection – one of them had a brother who had opened a new shop about two years earlier. The owners were appalled … these two – trusted employees, personal friends of the family – were getting ready to retire in a few years and was not very happy with the company pension plans … brother led them with a perfect opportunity to make some extra money.

When I became more experienced and comfortable with being psychic, I began to attract contracts that would allow me to use all my training and skills. For one such project, I was asked to help owners take fast-growing multi-million dollar MLM companies worldwide. The project was to help them define their mission, goals and objectives, and establish a new global business and marketing plan. We got hung up on the first mission – to place orders. For days we wrangled with the words, trying to get them right … we want to finally correct statement, when one of the three owners would take something they did not like about it, so we started again and again and again … . On the third day, I had had enough … I sent all the world to think about it and told them I would come back in two days to discuss this once and for all … As I drove home night, I “saw” problems … Each of the owners in this business for different reasons … in my vision I saw the one heading in the other direction … one would a multi-national and all the money, travel and recognition that would lead him, another would be a writer, known as an expert in the field (the environment), and the third would just interesting store that he could move in, a place to connect with people … they were so close to each other, they could not see that they did not all want the same thing … So I called each of the next two days and asked what they were a goal … Seeing my guess was correct. When we meet as a group, my advice was to stop the project, to dissolve the company and of course their cooperation. Their mouths dropped in unison in the morning – the first time in months that the three had agreed on anything … they knew everything that I was right, the company could not succeed … they had to stop the fight and move on independent with their own personal goals. They wrapped up the company in the coming weeks – again shocked at how quickly they could unravel I t but then, none of them had noticed that there had been unraveling for months when

What a psychic to. do to solve this rather common business problems? Any good consultant would eventually have come to the same conclusion as I did … but the truth is that being psychic saved me a lot of time and my clients a lot of money … In the cases that I described above, I got it … the answer, the solution to their struggle, much faster than I could have with traditional methods. As soon as I got back from my third problem objective eye could take in the bigger picture, and so off photos of conflicting goals owners. It was the same distribution operations – analysis my mind focused on their systems, but my third eye took something out of balance with the people the agency, kept sending me pictures of things going out the back door …. and this led to analyze both the problems and solutions

These days do a lot of reading material for enterprise customers, but I’m too busy with my own business to seek out the common agreements advisory … still in my dream world, there is a place For Corporate Psychic, right along side the corporate psychologist and head of Corporate security .. As Empath Deana of Star Trek fame, psychics would be trusted to guide the ship through unknown areas, see what the eyes can not … Dr Geri Destefano eloquently describes how common slide would work … and increase profits …

Role of Corporate psychics

Dr Geri Destefano

I’ve been psychic and therapist in over 25 years. In my private practice I have often had clients who came to me for psychic readings to deal with any number of personal problems. Typically, the area in which they wished for was standard stuff of life relationships, career, family, life …. After working with me, these customers knew I gave them a clear, concise and practical ways they themselves could recruit approached this problem area. Very quickly, these customers began to ask me questions about how they could start to apply these same techniques to their businesses and the environment.

What evolved from the questions the practical methodology to assess, enhance and bring into action business people. I want to emphasize the “extra” things here. Oftentimes when companies approach a company specializing in organizational management and consulting, there is a tacit agreement that “there is something wrong and it needs to be fixed!”

This is the place when it’s almost too late to remedy the problem, it usually costs big bucks, (business or company can ill afford to spend on the important point) and, more importantly, are owners and upper management before own their subconscious “fear” that it was something they did … or not doing well enough. So while companies may be motivated to seek outside assistance there may be many factors that can prevent or impede a healthy recovery.

As readers of energy, we are trained to see into and through the energy agency and the individuals who comprise it, to get to the root of the problem – often before it requires serious and expensive outside intervention

some basics to consider:

Within each. business or organization is a great talent and ability. It is usually the main motivation for the business will flourish. And people working very hard to achieve their goals. The owners have put all their fortunes and poured vital life force in the concepts and systems to market their products. So for an outside company to come in and sell their services on the basis of fear and the idea that they are going to somehow “fix” it possibly can actually undermine the very solutions that ailing business needs. Instead of approaching the problem from “something wrong and it needs to be fixed” how to replace it with “there is no problem here, it’s just work to do!”

The first step is to increase the skills, motivation, challenge and self-esteem of all concerned. This gives an atmosphere of safety and trust. What I learned and applied in the beginning, was in the business setting everyone needs to be “light”, “heard” and “recognized” for his career. This includes everyone from the head office right down to the janitors. And last but not least, everyone must know and understand how they are personally responsible for his of the total.

employer has hired an individual unique abilities of his or her knowledge. And while it may be the best people for the job may be factors in the development organization that impede the flow of creative ability.

There are always failures in the communication process at some point or other. This seems to be the biggest factor in why many companies encounter problems.

owners and upper management are often overworked and stressed daily exercise them to perform. This stress can lead to a deterioration of the material in the workplace, cause health problems and lead to high absenteeism.

Everyone personal life outside the workplace. It would be great if everyone could understand that the privacy of the front door when they go to work each morning. Some manage better than others. And the fact is, most people can not. Still, the work is very little room for personal affairs of people. No one really wants to hear it or deal with it. Still, these factors may weigh heavily on workers and reduce their ability

There are “soultions”.! There are no problems just work to do

No, I did not misspell solutions! I would like to think that those individuals who have a soul, an important spark of life essence, so the corporation! And in order to heal your business you need “soultions”!

Non-profit business, law and medical practices, hospitals, Mid-size companies and small business owners have approached us. We have chosen to look at each one of these “sources” that “all” the system and not just a collection of different people and program. It is very similar view operating system family. In the evaluation process, we talk to everyone, privately, to get a “feel” for the personal matters of their concern in a workplace where they feel “power” or “dis-empowered” work and note any suggestions they may proffer . This is not just a simple fact finding mission on our part. In the interview process, utilizing medical and psychic abilities, we are able to gain access to a much deeper level of information. All information is confidential, with the goal being to:

1. personal strengthen one sitting in front of us;

2. get an overview of the most common “party”;

3. begin to develop methods to produce results.

In addition to attending staff meetings as a silent observer. This allows us to simply witness the underlying team building and communication style.

After compiling the information necessary to meet the owners and upper management for the “focus group”. Since we present proposals and plans on how to expand and operate within their environment. In addition to pin point the desired result. Typical suggestions may be and are not limited to :.

Re-arrange, physical, work station to allow maximum flow of energy and creativity

start daily “staff time” session, approximately 30-45 minutes. The company time for all employees to check with each other daily tasks, goals, etc.

Creating a “stress release” room on the premises. This can be an exercise-type room or quiet meditation room necessary legal.

facilitation of conflict / resolution groups.

Making all employees some kind of “informal” medical procedure. This could be a mini-sessions with the staff psychiatrist or on-site massage (many masseuses will bring a portable chair in the office for 10 minutes. Neck and back massage) Amazingly, this does wonders for morale and stress levels people!)

courses on communication skills, developing intuitive skills in order to enhance creativity, stress reduction, meditation, drugs and creative play to name a few.

Review of dress code

Contribution child care, on site, to accommodate working parents.

Review of bonus and incentive schemes.

audit work flows, systems and procedures to identify bottlenecks, duplication and unnecessary steps.

Depending on the needs and nature of the problem, in addition to complying with the owners and upper management we also meet with everyone employed by the company in either small or large group format. The purpose of this is to “register” all to focus on the same goal, to create a safe space for everyone to contribute ideas and suggestions and to enhance corporate power through joint efforts. It is an example, a Japanese car-producing factory that illustrates this point: the weekly group meeting of all employees it was the janitor who came up with an innovative idea to part fabrication saved corporation time and money. In an atmosphere of joint cooperation janitor had a chance to be “heard” and “acceptable” for a creative solution

Some of the reasons why the media can and do work in the corporate world :.

caring your cause –

customers and their employees all know from the beginning that we are Psychic Therapists and consultants and are incredibly open and receptive, mostly. With personal interviews and personal reading, people often comment that they think it is great and seems to feel grateful to their employers are willing to take advantage of the unique services. It has affected employees to view their employers as “caring”, “worry” and “open” to new thinking

You get honest information -.

In the second stage, with the first interview, people very quickly put at ease, which, like psychics, we tend to have a very sensitive and accurate people-skills. Interestingly, people often share information with prospective they do not share with others. In addition, because the aim of the meeting is to “see”, “hear” and “strengthen” customer, it generates non-threatening discussion where people feel free to disclose their deepest concerns and issues.

You have an objective –

Psychics can “fit” within the corporate model is because they can perceive information in this subtle and unobtrusive level. The psychic is careful not to add or make waves in the current energy tax. Psychics who are working in this field are trained to be neutral, objective fair witness, neutral case and readers energy

To be successful, everyone needs the edge -.

media are simply individuals who have realized, consciously, they have increased their abilities. They take it as a given that everyone has this ability if they are aware of them or not. In the corporate world run always natural intuitives who have addressed the talent, creative and productively in their work. Every successful business person I know is also a fully functioning intuition, even if they have not described it in quite those terms. Part of the process we’re proposing is to develop the business owners and managers “latent” and natural talent to enhance and work with them creatively. In the corporate world to be tuned in psychically gives one the “edge” to perform even better and profit

how it works -. Arrangements, in a perfect world

size and needs of the business will determine how many consultants would make up the team. All members of the group are professionally trained intuitives; They all run their own domestic and international companies and their companies, their capabilities, professional, including computer technology, psychology, law, financial services and media. All consultations are charged on a per hour basis.

Depending on the needs and nature of the problem, in addition to complying with the owners and top management, including the CEO and the boards d board, we also meet with everyone employed by the company in either small or large group format.

The purpose of this is would be to “register” all to focus on the same goal, to create a safe space for everyone to contribute ideas and suggestions and to enhance corporate power through joint efforts. It is an example, a Japanese car-producing factory that illustrates this point: the weekly group meeting of all employees it was the janitor who came up with an innovative idea to part fabrication saved corporation time and money. In an atmosphere of joint cooperation janitor had a chance to be “heard” and “recognized” for creative solutions.