What are the types of psychic abilities quizzes?


So how do you tell if you have psychic abilities or not? One way is with psychic abilities quiz. There are two types of quiz. Both have advantages and disadvantages.

The first type includes cards with symbols on the (classical circles, squares, etc.). Task to predict what comes next symbol. This type of test has been widely used in esp test has been around since 1970.

The main disadvantage of this test is that it is based mainly on the seer to get the right answer. Seer, or “clear vision” is a classic psychic skills, used by many psychic readers to predict the future. But it is only one of the various types of ESP (or extra-sensory perception). The two main types are clairaudience and clairsentience. Clair Audience (or “clear hearing”) is the ability to receive subtle messages about the hearing, but clairsentience (or “clear feeling”) is the ability to connect with others with your feelings.

The second type of test builds to define certain personal qualities and experience that could predict the existence of psychic ability. The main disadvantage of this type of test, some argue that it is not scientific. And I think it’s true – it does not give you a certain level or yes / response. But as I see it, the psychic abilities not black and white, or they can be properly evaluated in a scientific way. So this type of test is a qualitative (as opposed to quantitative) made in scientific jargon. In other words, this type of psychic talent show is right-brained test.

This model has several advantages compared to the classic card based esp test. Firstly, it can identify a much wider range of psychic ability (depending on the question design) along with the “Big Three” discussed above, but also telekinesis, spiritual guidance, and Lucid Dreaming. Second, it assumes (and even relies on) fuzziness that is in the psychic world – the blurring of borders presence or absence of psychic abilities. And thirdly, it allows you to measure progress over time -. By taking the same tests at various intervals during the development of psychic abilities, you are able to assess your advancement


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