Getting to know Ghosts from coast to coast


Ghosts are hot these days. Everywhere you look there are exhibitions on ghosts: Medium, Ghost Whsiperer and reality shows like Ghost Hunters O proof, and most Haunted. Books about Paranormal regularly make the best seller list.

Why are we so fascinated with ghosts? The existence of ghosts gives us hope that maybe death is not the end. We can hope that we will be with loved ones after we pass ouselves if we can see the ghosts linger here. And we are curious and drawn by the unknown and unexplainable, mysterious and exciting chill unknown and unpredictable.

Every culture in every time have had stories about ghosts and spirits. Almost every person can think of at least one inexplicable events in their lives, something they saw or felt that just did not seem normal and it was supernatural. Anyone who does not have a history of their own has a friend who does. Over half of Americans believe in ghosts, according to numerous polls.

So you have to at least curious, and eager to be even slightly open-minded. Because beyond movies and books, do you find ghosts?

Well, one way is to go on a ghost tour. Almost every major city has at least one ghost tour, and many, like New York, Charleston, New Orleans, Savannah and others across the country, more than one. Ghost tours are a great way to meet a ghost lore and maybe have a little experience of their own from the security group. Even if you do not get anything unique, you will learn some history, see some fascinating sights, and have a lot of fun.

Another way to learn about ghosts visit Paranormal websites on the web.

You can see the photos, reading stories, listening to EVPs (electronic voice phenomenon, when a voice is recorded when no one is present or may not belong to any place.) Then you can judge for yourrself. There are many paranormal investigation groups on the Internet, and many offer the opportunity to participate in the investigation itself. Be sure that the group that you investigate a secure way, has a license to explore, and provides at least some instruction before you set out.

Do some research. Keep your mind open. Go on some trips. You may find you agree Hamlet Shakespeare, that “there are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamed of in our philosophy.”

If you are ready to get started, go to the spirit find ghost tours and paranormal research groups across the United States.


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