Basic Ghost Hunting Equipment


Hunting ghosts that haunt is a popular hobby, but also a way to help more professional scientists evidence of the reality of paranormal phenomena. But to begin to investigate the paranormal, prices start to collect some equipment first – in first, without a lot of money, so you have to focus on getting basic tools Ghost Hunting gear. Let’s take a look at the very basic stuff paranormal investigator may need.

Notebook + pen

The basic thing every researcher must perform a true Ghost Hunting is not some advanced tech gadgets, but simple notebook. Within such a researcher can write down the events, experiences, interviews with witnesses, Todo list, etc. Notebook for Ghost Hunter does not have to be very special, in fact all you need is basic paper notebooks you can get for a few dollars. Personally, I would recommend getting Moleskine for about $ 13 USD, but cheap school notebook will be enough. Get some cheap pen, and you’re done.


Investigations usually at night, so you need a flashlight. This time, do not buy anything cheap, or at least not the cheapest torch in shop available. Spend from $ 30 to $ 70 USD to get a waterproof flashlight that will not die overnight.

Digital Camera

In order to get basic physical evidence for any ghost activity on the site, you need to get a basic digital camera. Such cameras can be purchased for $ 80 to $ 120 USD, it will be enough for a start. There is no need for anything very expensive.

Digital Recorder

Finally, you need to get a little digital recorder, for $ 50 to $ 100 USD. Such a tool will be used for recording EVPs (electronic voice phenomenon, in other words, the voices of spirits caught on “tape”) on a paranormal investigation itself, but also to record interviews with witnesses.

Digital camcorder

If you want to record some video, digital camera should be enough, but if you feel you can spend a little more money on equipment, you can invest some dollars in a digital camcorder. Why Digital? It’s simple – no one uses the classic tape camcorders anymore, it’s too old school

And that’s all -. It is the basic equipment for each ghost hunting experience, it is also very cheap. If you’re working solo and you are not a member of any ghost hunting team, there is no need to get expensive equipment, such as full spectrum cameras or surveillance. Just remember that you also need some batteries for your electronic gadgets, and some water and food when you will find yourself on a paranormal investigation site.


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