Online Psychic Readings – 3 Sure Signs a Psychic or Fake


It is an exciting emerging market to buy online psychic readings, the current trend is towards CAM web, email and chat online reading. There has been a rise in popularity of online psychic reading mostly because of convenience and there are more and more agents working online these days. People who work as online psychics are working within a very controversial ground and they often come under criticism and scrutiny. There are real psychics out there who do a good job and they have even been used for spiritual investigators with the police.

Those who come to the slide for reading are often vulnerable and they are desperate to get answers. They can latch on psychics every word because they believe that they really are to give them reliable information. There are some psychics who are not genuine and they will have developed special skills to convince others that they are authentic

. You can search online and try out some of the free online psychic reading on offer. You can get a sense of psychic and they are more likely to be true if they are to offer a sample of readings. My own intuition should give you a sense of reading and you can decide if you are happy with the online psychic.

There are some obvious signs that the person online psychic reading is fake and it may not be so easy for someone who is desperate for reading to find. This article describes three warning signs that the slide is a fake.

1. Birth

Once they have your date of birth and they have star sign and they can look up information about your Asterisk. He who gives online psychic reading can give you a pretty good personality analysis taken from the star logo. Often Astrology columns journals, it is forecast based on personality traits.

2. The Magic and Curses

A psychic who tells you that you have bad luck or are in a difficult situation because someone has put a curse you is trying to get more money out of you. It is unethical to inspire fear, and make money from clients and when you come to see the slide you are coming for psychic readings and not clean curse.

3. Too good to be true

If it sounds too good to be true, chances are they are and you can find the psychic tells you what you want to hear. A good psychic will be totally honest and up front with you. If you feel that they are painting a rosy picture of the future then it’s probably a figment of their imagination.


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