Connect the dots in the Paranormal: little people and fairies


What current, our modern thought the little people and fairies, the fact legends and stories are of the culture around the world is hard to dispute. No other area is attached to these creatures as England, Ireland, and Scotland ist amazing stories of these creatures. Things of little people and fairies continues to this day, and even some of our modern sightings that we do not understand could be this phenomenon as well. Here is an example of a recent sighting of the book fairies Real encounters little people with Janet bord

Quite recently, probably in 1990, fifteen-year-old Brian Collins was holiday in the Aran Islands off west Donegal. while out walking early one morning he saw two little men fishing from a bank overlooking the sea. They were about 3 and a half feet tall, dressed in green with brown boots. One had a gray beard and a flat hat. They were laughing and talking in Irish, and suddenly they jumped over the bank. When Brian went to look for them, they had gone, but they had left the pipe back. He took it back to the house where he remained, but while it dissappeared from a locked drawer. When Brian saw the little men again, he tried to photograph them and tape-record their conversation, but nothing came out.

Odd modern sighting is really show these events still happen. Fairies are different in size, shape and appearance, but when he seen that the sighting is aware of what they are watching. As above sighting shows our film and Story Books describe these creatures as small, sometimes bearded and generally clad in green or brown may be based on sightings and their reports. Classic books The Secret Commonwealth of Elves, fauna and fairies Rev. Robert Kirk Details the life and culture of these beings. It was believed that he got his information from local folklore and legends, where he grew up in Aberfoyle, Scotland. A diary of his has since been found directly on this subject called The Secret Lives of elves and fairies; From general Journal Rev. Robert Kirk where, if you can believe it, he says he talked and visited these creatures as they live in the Fairy Realm.

Kirk is not the only one who has claimed to have been where these creatures live. He called it “The land of the” and said the fairies lived inside the earth. The sightings and stories I’ve read through what appears to be at least a few where people are two different things, or call them different things, but can be the same phenomenon. A common time is the nature of spirit. In the eyes of witnesses beings share a lot of smilarities. But can we trust our eyes with this area of ​​the paranormal?

Both of the above books suggest that fairies, or any of their families, can shape shift. They sometimes use what is called “Glamour” to change their appearance, perhaps let us see what we think we should see. This is also common to believe in fairy lore and seems to lend itself to modern studies and researchers try its best to define something that may not be definable and simply look how our mind tells us that it should look. Over the centuries many common threads can be found with these beings, glamor and shapeshifting are among them. People see them disappear into thin air is also concurrent with lots of sightings.

The very nature of these beings makes proving their existence almost impossible. Do we really have to prove if they exist or not to get the bottom of one though? We already have a lot of information about them to return to the last few hundred years. It may be time to use the fantastic to help provide clues and missing pieces to other areas of the fantastic. Other cultures as well as the Scottish and Irish thought them to be fact, such as the Cherokee Indians designate a name for them. Maybe Little People and fairies should be filed under Cryptozoology make things a little simpler. A couple fairy beliefs and abilities seen and reported by these creatures overlap with other areas of the paranormal.

I do not know what the whole picture of this is supposed to look like, but I hope I’m not the only one looking. In this area, one has occasionally to stretch their faith and believe something else might be possible. The fact is often stranger than fiction could dream up. Maybe you really see the little creature in the eye.


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