3 Tips for tapping into your psychic abilities


Some people know they have psychic abilities or “gift” but are not sure how to manage and develop it. While others may think that they would like to be able to “see the future”, to be more intuitive, providing reading card or communicate with loved ones on the other side, but are not sure if they can. Is it not just for the gifted few?

The answer to that question is easy, “No”. Anyone can develop their spiritual side, some are more adept at it than others, but everyone can do it, with practice and perseverance.

Here I will share three top tips for tapping into psychic abilities.

The Number One tip I can share with you is to meditate regularly

Meditation encourages us to turn analysis, our daily-thought-brain and tap into our intuition, creative, your subconscious mind. This allows us to access information on a deep level, is necessary in psychic development. When we begin to analyze our feelings and what to shoot in our heads, we stop the message coming through our intuition or from the spirit world. We need to be able to switch the mode easily to access’ slide “our side.

If you are someone who knows they have a gift but find it difficult to manage it, regular meditation will really help you. Focus your ‘spiritual’ power at one particular time of day when you consider you can quite literally say that your spirit guides (if you know who they are or not) this is the time to go messages, and no one else. This is especially useful if you’re psychic side ‘wakes you up at night, or cause you disturbance at other times of the day.

Meditation is not difficult or complicated, it can be as simple and relaxing in a lounge chair and listen to your favorite piece your calm music. If you want to give it a go, but I know you have an active mind, the best way to meditate is to focus on your breathing. Sit comfortably and make sure that you will not be interrupted. Breathe slowly and deeply and simply count your breath in the number of four, hold it, and then exhale for a number of four. If your mind wanders and you tend to focus on this work to consider the spirit as soon as you realize that’s what you have done, simply continue counting. Try this for a few minutes every day

Second, my advice is to learn about your energy field :.

energy field consists of auras, chakras and lines of energy about them, and connect them. You may have heard of them before and wondered what auras and chakras have to do with psychic abilities, but they are important in working this way. We are all energetic beings, we make, edit and create, and give off energy in various forms. We are surrounded by electro-magnetic field and through this we work as a radio transmitter and receiver to go and get information on subtle (or mental) level. Learn about energies and understand how they work, and how we can use them will really change the way you see the world and how you think about your relationship with others. Required skills include learning how to open, close, and earth, and protect energy

For now, why not practice one key factor -. Grounding. This will be especially used if you ever find a bit “away with the fairies’ and is a key skill in learning to manage your talent. It will also help you clear your head if you need it.

  • The first, very simple exercise stand with your feet hip width apart allow you arms hang loosely at your sides.
  • Slightly bend your knees and allow your weight to sink into your feet.
  • rock gently back and forth on his feet several times to find a balance.
  • Take all your awareness on your feet and in particular point to the base of the ball of your foot (about 1/3 down from the top of your foot between the big and second toe).
  • Imagine all the weight sink down to this.
  • Visualize roots extending out from this point and go down deep into the ground.
  • Stand like this for a few moments, allowing the body to relax and breathe deeply.

Tip number three is to learn to Dowse

Dowsing is a great way to learn to tap into your own innate intuitive and psychic abilities. It is a skill that you use an object (usually a pendulum or dowsing rod) to physically present the answer to a question that you do not consciously know the answer to. I’m often asked how dowsing works, or even before, “I bet you’re moving it yourself.” Regular my answer to the second is, “I’m probably! The idea behind dowsing is our subconscious or even spiritual side of us is to know the answer and produces micro-movements (Ideomotor response) in our muscles that cause the movement we can then interpret. Dowsing is a great skill for beginners and they begin to develop their talents.

Using a Pendulum is the easiest way to Dowse (for people at least). To do this, you can use the pendant or gemstone or put a weight of some kind – a circle, for example on a piece of string or necklace. (I’ve even used Polo mint so do not think it needs to be anything particularly special.)

Here is a taster to get you started . Ask a friend to hide something in a room or part of your home and see if you can find it by dowsing.

First, you must orientate pendulum so that you know that the “yes” and “no “The response that it gives you (I would suggest that you do this every time you start Dowse.)

  • Hold the pendulum in one hand a few inches above the palm of the other hand.
  • Ask in you mind or aloud the question you know the answer is ‘yes’ (for example, I might ask my name is Helen? “). Pendulum begins to move either side, back and forth, clockwise or counter clockwise. Make comment on what is the point of this “yes” or positive feedback.
  • Now the question you know the answer is “no” (for example, I might ask, Am I a boy? “Make a note of this negative or ‘no’ response.
  • Now focus on the hidden object you are looking for. Really visualize it in your mind, or imagine that claim. Then ask the pendulum questions to narrow down where it could be. Remember, they have to be a question that only you can answer yes or no, and they will need to get more and more accurate. Examples are: “Is it in the house?” “Is it there?” Is it in the bathroom / bedroom / kitchen etc.? ‘
  • I would suggest confirm the answers by asking the opposite questions. So if you ask if the item is down and you get nothing, then always ask, “is it down?” Do not assume that it will be, you would be surprised how accurate this process but you have to ask the right questions. This is even more important when you’re looking for something small, like a piece of jewelry. You can get negative in both these sample questions for earrings is actually on the landing or stair halfway between two floors.
  • Always keep the focus on the hidden object otherwise, if your mind wanders, you can get wrong or confused answers.

You can test this on a larger scale and you get used to it. Once you know the positive feedback you get from Pendulum, you can also Dowse the map of the territory, or drawn out map of your home, room or garden while addressing the core or energy hidden object.

Remember, practice and perseverance are the key to hone your psychic abilities. In all honesty you could probably spend years just on these three tips alone and develop your psychic abilities well without the other exercises.


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