What Do Psychics say about life after death?


Q: What psychic mediums that happens when we die? They believe in life after death? It is like heaven, hell and some stuff that we read about in the Bible, or is it something else

A 😕 My experience with psychics and the afterlife is that there are very wide and varied views on what happens that we die … and each psychic and medium I have spoken to interviews or read about has its own unique spin on life after death, and what it is.

The biggest difference between the psychics believe about life after death?

Believe it or not, in my experience, it has much to do with the underlying creed! Some agents are very, very religious (usually from their own upbringing) tend to come with a very religious idea of ​​life after death to their reading. Others who have more new age vision of faith, are much more open to all kinds of open-minded perspectives on what heaven must look like and what happens when we get there.

Interestingly, in hundreds and hundreds of personal psychic experience myself, I have almost never come across a psychic or medium who believes in traditional hell … or some place that religion teaches us awaits those who do bad things in this life . (they often have a very different idea of ​​what the penalty can be as – usually self-imposed purgatory the individual spirit will be working with, to go on and grow in the afterlife realms)

Should we continue to grow and develop in the spirit realms, or are we “do” when we developed the?

Good question! And this is one of the most common agreements all types of psychics and mediums, regardless of what they think the afterlife looks. Almost all believe in continuous development, progress and development of the soul and spirit, and to a large extent, how is (eg – the level of development you have done in this life) is very important to determine where you go and how long you stay !

In other words, the concept of “levels” or different sizes is very common in most of the ideas of what the next life holds for us, and if you feel that everything is energy (including you and me!) That the idea that we go to an energetic environment that matches our thoughts, feelings and actions in life makes a lot of sense. (even the skeptics, cynics and scientists tend to be wary of any paranormal)

The bottom line?

Most psychics and mediums believe that life after death is as real as this life. (or more generally, even more real than this) We’re all going to go there at some point or other, and the life you live today, plays a big role in where you go, you will be there with and how satisfied (or not!) you can expect to be when you arrive.


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