Psychic ability – to believe or not believe, there is the question



The whole idea of ​​psychic abilities is controversial to many. It allows for the belief that men are more than just a physical body. It requires a belief that we are at our core, spiritual beings. As spiritual beings we are obviously limited in what we are able to experience and learn the spiritual realm. Therefore, we must create a physical body in order to learn and grow as a spiritual entity.

There is much to believe given the lack of reality. Yet millions of people around the world recognize that believe some version of this philosophy. The majority of the world’s religions claim a very similar point of view. Jews and Christians religious system both refer to these non-physical part of a person as a “soul” or spirit. Eastern religions such as Buddhism, Taoism, Hindu etc. all see the body as something temporary and non-essential. New Age philosophy strongly reject the notion that we are just physical beings. So it does appear that the majority of people, at some level, believe that we are more than just a biomechanical machine that just happened to evolve into consciousness.

This then leads to the ancient question, why? Why literally millions of people believe that they are more than just physical? Is this something that we just “know” that the sub-conscious level? Greek philosopher Plato proposed an interesting idea he called “transmigration of Souls”. He suggested that the fact spiritual beings, being the spiritual ideal state before physical delivery. He believed that traumatic birth causes us to “forget” that we are spiritual beings, and where we came from. We then spend the rest of our lives, relearning what we truly are – spirits living body. This suggests that the spirits, we are eternal, and can enter the physical state many, many times to continue the “education” our.

There appears to be some evidence of this theory. There have been dozens of documented cases where small children are described in detail, the experience they have never had in their lives, a place they have never been, and people they’ve never known. This phenomenon has also been observed in many adults under hypnosis. Dr. Michael Newton has written several best-selling books on this topic. As an accomplished hypnotist, he has compiled hundreds of documented case studies that simply can not be explained away as the imagination of people. People under hypnosis do not lie or make up. They simply report what they see and / or experience, no matter what the consequences. It is not uncommon for such people experience the conflict between now held their faith, and what they experience while under hypnosis. Another area that must be considered when seeking out the truth about metaphysics or “psychic” reality is energy. In his writings about remote viewing, author David Morehouse said: “Energy is everything, and everything is energy.” All – Who, light, heat, thoughts, our bodies, atoms, molecules -Is consists of energy! What we perceive to be solid is just an illusion consists of dense, orderly collection of energy. This is a scientific fact that few stop to consider when asking about the possibility of psychic abilities or something intangible.

psychic abilities are reportedly based on the relationship between energy one person and another. It is something that goes on spiritual / energy level. What shaman in the past set in, and a physicist today looks at the electron microscope, is the ultimate reality consists of pure energy. It seems that modern science is finally catching up with the old spiritual, and they are one in the same!

So it is not really such a stretch to believe that there is way more “reality” than what we perceive with our 5 senses. We believe in electricity, we believe in the microwave frequency and X-rays – but nobody has ever seen any of them with the naked eye. These unseen, high-frequency energy is used every day. It seems highly unlikely that they are the only unseen power at work in our universe.

The purpose of this article is not to convince anyone of psychic phenomena. “Its purpose is to help people realize that there is much more material than could be expected. It can not simply be dismissed as bogus, unsubstantiated mysticism. In the end, one can choose to believe or not to believe in psychic abilities. But let them do some diligent research before drawing conclusions.


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