You’re a psychic Empath?


Do you ever feel overwhelmed with emotions at restaurants, movies, parties, or in crowds? Is mood always change when you are around certain people? Do you ever feel a sudden power drain when about someone? Do you ever feel physical symptoms of those around you? If you can answer yes to any of these questions, you may be psychic Empath.

A Psychic Empath is a person who is particularly sensitive to energy and associated vibration her. All thoughts and feelings produce vibrating energy, and all of us out of this joint stable. We all have an impact on everyone, even in isolation. No doubt you’ve heard about The Butterfly Effect, where the butterflies move delicate wings in Africa conducts energy elsewhere. The same applies to our thoughts, words, thoughts and actions. All lived in constant space or through thought has an energetic charge that will be available for everyone. An Empath deciphers unconscious energy of others and adopt it as if it was innate.

Because of the strong feelings are the most energetically charged, psychic Empath typically select and assimilates them. This is not a problem if Empath is a person who has a constant positive attitude and constantly happy and cheerful disposition. So man will be glad around others who share the proclivity and no harm is done.

Empathy often becomes problematic, however, anyone who has experienced much suffering and struggle in life. Such a person will tend to pick up very negatively charged emotions or even physical features around them. They take up, like a magnet, the feelings of others that reflect their own; and they will often feel too much.

Psychic empathy is a gift, not a curse, although many would disagree. Energy healers, medical intuitives and spiritual counselors often have this skill and use it in their daily work. These individuals can often out negative energy from them, and those they serve. At least sympathy gives the practitioner basis for directing the healing process of the customer.


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