Why are some Psychic Readings wrong? The unvarnished Truth About Real psychic abilities


How come some psychic readings are very “off”? Why do some gifted psychics get it so wrong …? Does this mean that they are actually not slide at all? In this article, we are going to take a quick look at why some psychic readings are off, and explain the super simple way what so many others are afraid to admit! Ready? Great … continue reading as we take a closer look below!

The whole truth about psychic abilities is ……

Psychic skills administration. But, they are often filtered through the interpretive lens person (personality) reader who has them! Information required to interpret, manipulate, understand ….. and then shared. Often this is done on site, with no time allowed for understanding or interpretation. In other words, people who are paying for reading do not have time to sit back and let intuition filter and understand exactly what they are seeing. Understandably … they want information immediately, and instantly!

This creates obvious problems that someone should be able to see ……

And of course, when it comes to mediumistic communication style ( from “the other side”) often medium to work with symbols and / or capacity breath properly molded it is they want to say. This can be difficult at various levels, and mistakes are made!

And do not forget …..

Some psychic readers are just plain made it all up! As a matter of fact, but on top of just about every “authentic” psychic or intuitive I’ve come across, there are others who are simply WRONG ….. because they are not really talented in any real way to begin with. (I can think of a few ‘celebrities’ style psychics off the top of my head that this applies for sure ..: -)

The Bottom Line

In our experience ,? good psychic will have more “hits” than misses … and it can be incredibly personal experience when that happens! And when you get some “misses”? Wait …. be understanding, patient and willing to continue work with, intuitive coming next just may amaze you!


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