Paranormal phenomena – Top 3 Reasons Why People believe that paranormal phenomena To those


Belief in Paranormal goes geographical, cultural and socio-economic divides. Even though modern movies and books about the paranormal have increased in recent years, stories about unexplained is also found in the Bible and other ancient manuscripts. It is a debate that has preoccupied the lives of many people, sometimes it has consumed them.

There are three reasons why people cling to the idea that paranormal phenomena is present. What reason serves a purpose

(1) Hysteria :. People are gullible. It’s easy to get upset over events when others around you have just quoted to have first-hand paranormal encounter. You watch as their eyes grow in adrenaline-pumping horror they rub furiously arms while proclaiming that their “goose bumps” proves that the unexplained presence.

There is a rush, a free fall frenzy when we feed off of each other’s excitement. We allow ourselves to feel the thrill of “what if”. Sometimes, it is a skeptic or two among us when the end might happen. While skeptics rarely convert into believers, sometimes they will defend their mortgage. This brings me to another reason why people want to believe in the paranormal

(2) Insurance :. What do you do when you want to protect yourself against unexpected events? You buy insurance. People who are careful, will skeptical believers to defend themselves only if it turns out that there is a real basis for unexplained occurrences. After all, what happens if there really is life after death and not to prepare? Are we doomed to walk the earth like a tortured soul ghost Jacob Marley in the history of Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol ? Being a skeptical believer allows you to straddle the gap between the worlds of believers and non-believers. It’s like going to Las Vegas and gamble on a hunch. But, there is one reason that people often argue that Paranormal present

(3) Reality :. The most common reason that people believe in the paranormal is because it is a simple truth. In their world, their life, they recognize unseen forces. Ghosts are real. People who have psychic abilities interact often spirits. Some people can see the full bodied apparitions obvious, while others tap into sensory their ability to experience emotions or memories of the unseen their guests.

Reality is relative. Just because you believe in the paranormal does not mean that I have to believe it. What I experience, hear, feel, or smell may convince me of otherworldly presence, but if you do not see it -. You do not believe

Ultimately, if you get caught up in the hysteria, like insurance, or are firmly committed and believe in paranormal phenomena, it does not matter what others think. After all, it is your life and you are free to believe what you want to believe.

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