About Irish Ghosts


The Irish are famous for their ghosts. Many American attitude is of Irish and other Celtic people. As the Irish themselves, they tend to be dramatic.

Irish ghosts range in size from nearly invisible huge, ranging from tiny sprites giant headless horsemen. Some of them are vengeful, some injuries, some helpful.

In many parts of Ireland, candles are still burning all day and all night from the person dies before the funeral, to keep the spirit of man away from home with light and fire. This belief dates back to pagan times, never far away in Ireland.

The Irish word for ghost is Tash (pronounced Tais.) Sometimes the word Thevshi (taidhbhse) is also used.

As in most cultures, those who die suddenly are likely to come back as ghosts. Some may be owned by a desire for vengeance or anger, while others are owned by the unfulfilled desire or love. Irish ghosts are often very active and like to move on and draw attention anyway they can.

Sometimes, when people die, their souls beaten away, and sometimes souls are caught by evil spirits. Young children who die are particularly vulnerable fairies or demons. Typically, a ghost will make it the live control, a very handy feature. If told to go away, the spirit has no choice but to do it.

Sometimes, spirits take the form of animals, such as rabbits, cats, rats or black dogs.

Often, Tash live in the walls of the house or under a roof or in cellers and they are very restless and noisy. Sometimes, they live even in large trees outside the house. Unless you make them angry, they are not dangerous, although they can be a nuisance, pull off the covers in the winter, knocking things off the walls, upsetting buckets, and generally behave like naughty children. If you make them angry, they can turn mean, throwing stones, causing storms, cattle and people sick and raise the noise unbearable heights.

On the other hand, Tash often appear and butterflies, and these are happy spirits, only to visit and not stuck here, but moved to immortality. See butterflies near a dead body or around the grave is a comforting signal because all is well with the soul went.

The Irish generally believe that everyone has a double, or download. If you do reach a friend in the morning, there is nothing to worry about, but if you see the cover of night, that man is doomed to die soon.

Today, Ireland, abound haunted places everywhere from cottages to castles, farm sheds and linen mills to railway stations and universities.

key to Irish belief in ghosts is to treat them with respect. As long as they are not angry, ghosts are not dangerous, even harmful ones, can be tolerated. Paranormal is still recognized as a matter of course among many of the Irish and just another part of life.


Getting to know Ghosts from coast to coast


Ghosts are hot these days. Everywhere you look there are exhibitions on ghosts: Medium, Ghost Whsiperer and reality shows like Ghost Hunters O proof, and most Haunted. Books about Paranormal regularly make the best seller list.

Why are we so fascinated with ghosts? The existence of ghosts gives us hope that maybe death is not the end. We can hope that we will be with loved ones after we pass ouselves if we can see the ghosts linger here. And we are curious and drawn by the unknown and unexplainable, mysterious and exciting chill unknown and unpredictable.

Every culture in every time have had stories about ghosts and spirits. Almost every person can think of at least one inexplicable events in their lives, something they saw or felt that just did not seem normal and it was supernatural. Anyone who does not have a history of their own has a friend who does. Over half of Americans believe in ghosts, according to numerous polls.

So you have to at least curious, and eager to be even slightly open-minded. Because beyond movies and books, do you find ghosts?

Well, one way is to go on a ghost tour. Almost every major city has at least one ghost tour, and many, like New York, Charleston, New Orleans, Savannah and others across the country, more than one. Ghost tours are a great way to meet a ghost lore and maybe have a little experience of their own from the security group. Even if you do not get anything unique, you will learn some history, see some fascinating sights, and have a lot of fun.

Another way to learn about ghosts visit Paranormal websites on the web.

You can see the photos, reading stories, listening to EVPs (electronic voice phenomenon, when a voice is recorded when no one is present or may not belong to any place.) Then you can judge for yourrself. There are many paranormal investigation groups on the Internet, and many offer the opportunity to participate in the investigation itself. Be sure that the group that you investigate a secure way, has a license to explore, and provides at least some instruction before you set out.

Do some research. Keep your mind open. Go on some trips. You may find you agree Hamlet Shakespeare, that “there are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamed of in our philosophy.”

If you are ready to get started, go to the spirit Coast.us find ghost tours and paranormal research groups across the United States.


Accurate psychic mediums


spirit world that is concealed from ordinary people has been revealed and explored by special skill few people in relationships and see things that are visible from the senses of ordinary people and understanding.

A psychic is a person who has had the ability to bridge the spirit world and had a party on the other side. This person also possesses the ability to travel to the future and the past, and the wisdom to reveal the mysteries surrounding the spiritual world and the physical world. The interesting capacity of this person’s ability to communicate with other parties and spirit using / body as a medium of direct psychic. This person is called a psychic medium.

Psychic medium rare among talented individuals. This special person can perceive and interpret the inner self of the person using divination tool to focus more on bridging the spirit world and communicate with the spirits and bodies. Accurate psychic medium utilizes form mediumship communicating to the other side of the spiritual sessions. These medium ships are physical mediums, spiritual mediums straight and shouts. In physical mediumship that is to have a seance of talented individuals will be able to see what is happening. Voices, part reality, and raps are displayed and used by demons to relay messages to their loved ones. When performing spiritual Medium Ship, talented person relies on his talent clairsentience, clairvoyance, clairaudience and trance. With mental telepathy and spirit guides talented person is able to feel, see, hear, and direct force or energy to come for the dead or other persons to share messages sitter is a spiritual encounter. When have direct Medium Ship spiritual sessions, physical manifestations of the spirit of the living individual establishes communication to the sitter and psychic medium. When driving, the psychic medium takes the material body and possessed by the spirit of the agent or chat directly with the people who were at the seance; give information about the other side, answer questions, and sometimes asking for help. But this form of mediumship is only done by highly qualified and experienced talented person it can be dangerous.

Detailed psychic medium is able to show you the way to the unknown and the mysterious realm of the spirits. This talented individual can help you in coming in the afterlife and understanding a person’s life is not stopped in death there is life after death, and that the other side can. Your questions and doubts about the spiritual world all will be destroyed. With this you can have peace of mind and be able to take life with a positive outlook.

special talents of this gifted person offers many advantages for people who are looking for guidance and enlightenment and continues to prove the existence of a mysterious world and the possibility to explore the other side.


Basic Ghost Hunting Equipment


Hunting ghosts that haunt is a popular hobby, but also a way to help more professional scientists evidence of the reality of paranormal phenomena. But to begin to investigate the paranormal, prices start to collect some equipment first – in first, without a lot of money, so you have to focus on getting basic tools Ghost Hunting gear. Let’s take a look at the very basic stuff paranormal investigator may need.

Notebook + pen

The basic thing every researcher must perform a true Ghost Hunting is not some advanced tech gadgets, but simple notebook. Within such a researcher can write down the events, experiences, interviews with witnesses, Todo list, etc. Notebook for Ghost Hunter does not have to be very special, in fact all you need is basic paper notebooks you can get for a few dollars. Personally, I would recommend getting Moleskine for about $ 13 USD, but cheap school notebook will be enough. Get some cheap pen, and you’re done.


Investigations usually at night, so you need a flashlight. This time, do not buy anything cheap, or at least not the cheapest torch in shop available. Spend from $ 30 to $ 70 USD to get a waterproof flashlight that will not die overnight.

Digital Camera

In order to get basic physical evidence for any ghost activity on the site, you need to get a basic digital camera. Such cameras can be purchased for $ 80 to $ 120 USD, it will be enough for a start. There is no need for anything very expensive.

Digital Recorder

Finally, you need to get a little digital recorder, for $ 50 to $ 100 USD. Such a tool will be used for recording EVPs (electronic voice phenomenon, in other words, the voices of spirits caught on “tape”) on a paranormal investigation itself, but also to record interviews with witnesses.

Digital camcorder

If you want to record some video, digital camera should be enough, but if you feel you can spend a little more money on equipment, you can invest some dollars in a digital camcorder. Why Digital? It’s simple – no one uses the classic tape camcorders anymore, it’s too old school

And that’s all -. It is the basic equipment for each ghost hunting experience, it is also very cheap. If you’re working solo and you are not a member of any ghost hunting team, there is no need to get expensive equipment, such as full spectrum cameras or surveillance. Just remember that you also need some batteries for your electronic gadgets, and some water and food when you will find yourself on a paranormal investigation site.


What are the types of psychic abilities quizzes?


So how do you tell if you have psychic abilities or not? One way is with psychic abilities quiz. There are two types of quiz. Both have advantages and disadvantages.

The first type includes cards with symbols on the (classical circles, squares, etc.). Task to predict what comes next symbol. This type of test has been widely used in esp test has been around since 1970.

The main disadvantage of this test is that it is based mainly on the seer to get the right answer. Seer, or “clear vision” is a classic psychic skills, used by many psychic readers to predict the future. But it is only one of the various types of ESP (or extra-sensory perception). The two main types are clairaudience and clairsentience. Clair Audience (or “clear hearing”) is the ability to receive subtle messages about the hearing, but clairsentience (or “clear feeling”) is the ability to connect with others with your feelings.

The second type of test builds to define certain personal qualities and experience that could predict the existence of psychic ability. The main disadvantage of this type of test, some argue that it is not scientific. And I think it’s true – it does not give you a certain level or yes / response. But as I see it, the psychic abilities not black and white, or they can be properly evaluated in a scientific way. So this type of test is a qualitative (as opposed to quantitative) made in scientific jargon. In other words, this type of psychic talent show is right-brained test.

This model has several advantages compared to the classic card based esp test. Firstly, it can identify a much wider range of psychic ability (depending on the question design) along with the “Big Three” discussed above, but also telekinesis, spiritual guidance, and Lucid Dreaming. Second, it assumes (and even relies on) fuzziness that is in the psychic world – the blurring of borders presence or absence of psychic abilities. And thirdly, it allows you to measure progress over time -. By taking the same tests at various intervals during the development of psychic abilities, you are able to assess your advancement


Scientific evidence Ghosts – Are they real or imagined



Science has been totally unable to provide an explanation of several phenomena that present themselves on the ground. Who has not heard ghost stories? While they amused and thrilled us, usually we refused to believe that it can be a element of truth in them. As far as we were concerned, they were only “stories.” Simultaneously, we wondered whether they could be “real”.

According to statistics, a large chunk of the world’s population believes in paranormal without recognizing it. Very few people would dare to profess belief in ghosts in public. Do you think you would spread the news if you happen to see a ghost? Would not you say that the light effect or your own imagination? However, deep inside, we know there is more to life than what meets the eye. And we admit privately there is plenty of life we ​​know nothing about.

Modern scientists believe they know the answers. However, most of the scientific explanation of paranormal just theory, that can not prove to be the truth and must “believe” as religious tenets are to be believed without question. Despite this, they are in the scientific world in the habit of looking down their noses and reproach them with faith in either paranormal phenomena or religion.

For example, consider the “Big Bang” theory. Scientists have made certain mathematical calculations and went over to the precise moment the universe was formed. However, calculations no sense a second before the universe was created. This special moment is termed the “moment of singularity.” The scientists can not really explain much about the Big Bang Theory and just “believe” in it.

ultimately turns out to believe in paranormal phenomena is not as dumb as she looks. The world is full of evidence that the supernatural is real. All you have to do is keep your eyes open for it. Check new channels, newspapers, and so on. They are not full of stories of the supernatural, although news reader or anchor using sarcastic or humorous tone to inform them? Facts, however, do not change, and on closer examination, you will realize that there is more to this matter than what meets the physical eye.

With respect to the supernatural, you need to have your senses and your mind open. You have to see the world with a sense of amazement, and soon you will be able to spot the magic in it. Research of Paranormal with an open mind, and soon you will find the answers pour it. As far as the paranormal is concerned, it requires you to have faith and to keep an open mind about it.


What are the Psychic Healing Techniques?


Psychic healing is also known as Energy Healing or Spiritual Healing. In other words, the patient is cured or lead to doctors broke the power of the healer is addressed and transferred to the person.

Psychic healing is very common especially in patients who had undergone surgery or even serious illness. It is believe that psychic healing and modern medicine work together, one will be able to accelerate the process of recovery and reconstruction.

There are some “law of spiritual healing and one of the most common ones is that all healing begin by patients themselves. Healing Process mostly long-winded and it would take some time for restoration. Understanding that both body and soul to work together to ensure that the healing process will work as planned, if not faster. It is not a remedy that can cure diseases overnight and it is definitely a possibility of failure. One of the examples is for those who had major surgery, psychic healing is definitely a wise choice and they can seek help it to accelerate the healing process.

most famous psychic healing is reflexology. Reflexology is well known for its benefits and is famous not only the older generation but also young. Reflexology is a simple exercise stimulate areas like feet, hands and ears. These areas are known and are believed to represent the different organs in the body. For example, the legs are divided into different places that they correspond to all parts of the body.

One of the oldest and most talked about this healing, shiatsu. Shiatsu is a form of Oriental Therapy is believes to have evolved from ancient, 5000 year old tradition healing art. Simply by practicing the art of Shiatsu, it is said to stimulate the hormone system, boosts the immune system and increases blood flow in the body. At the same time, Shiatsu also ensures that toxins are removed easily and one can release tension obtained from neighboring especially at work.

Besides, this type of healing can also be used crystals. In some cultures, such as Chinese culture, are crystals made in bracelets and other types of crystals represents different healing properties. For example, white crystals worn on the body for a long time said to enhance and improve the health of the wearer.

General psychic healing is also known as spiritual healing and it comes in many forms and methods. The main job Psychic healing is to lend a hand to the body in the healing and restoration process.


Psychic Characteristics


Changes are inevitable as you progress slide. And relevant psychic symptoms understand the world better and feel psychic energy directly common physical symptoms spiritual awakening following :.

– Yawning You will probably find that previous shallow breathing pattern simply cut it anymore. You want more air and insisting on better quality (fresh, not stale) air. With yawning you set also for greater influx of psychic energy. Start to take a walk in nature if you’re not doing it already

– .. Changes in diet Some foods you can not resist anymore and some foods you eat in mass quantities . The physical body has to reflect and maintain changes in the psychic body. If you neglect the dietary needs of your body, your body will find ways to let you know. (If you cling stubbornly to old eating habits, it can get uncomfortable.)

– Flu-like symptoms. By going through many changes in a short time the body learns to prepare in advance and see more changes. Make sure to get rid of all kinds of biological, spiritual and emotional waste your spiritual creature

– .. Fatigue / energized As you switch to another default psychic state, the combination of new and old psychic vibrations could affect you in different ways. Pay attention to your environment to adjust.

These are some of the common psychic symptoms. It depends on how you explore the psychic realms, it is likely that you will also experience unusual symptoms that are more or less specific or unique to you as an individual.


Psychic mediums – Getting a Real Psychic Medium Reading


When you want to achieve and contact with the world of the afterlife you need someone with a rare gift. Not just someone who claims to be psychic will do the job. You need paranormal medium with a genuine gift to connect you with deceased loved ones or family members. A gifted psychic medium will allow you to access the spirit world, have suggested their spirit that they have the power to direct the spirits of the dead.

Often those who call themselves psychic medium have some sort of clairvoyance or psychic ability that allows them to achieve with the power of their minds and make contact with spirits that most of us usually do not have access to. How do you know when you need to contact the paranormal medium and when you should contact someone like Psychic reader? The differences and abilities are important to know as they will not both have the same talents and gifts.

Psychic Reader- A Psychic readers will offer you predictions about the future. There are times when people want guidance about his love life, money issues, etc. These are the times when you would contact paranormal reader. Many psychic readers will not answer trivial questions like lottery predictions or answer questions that have no benefit to you spiritually.

Psychic medium A psychic medium will depend on the information they get from the deceased, because they can not provide you with a forward looking forecasts. These spirits guides are like people, they have different gifts and talents.

If you have paranormal medium read it you will have more of a professional reading medium businesses is what is called evidential reading. The medium will first of all try to blend their energy with yours by contacting the mind relatives and loved ones, first of all. When the connection is made they will then bring evidence This will be the memories of the departed spirit will tell the agent, this will be part of things that only the customer would know and that are unique and connected to the spirit, this is used to confirm customer that agent is accurate and also know who has come through reading, which is common sense itself.

The Psychic medium can get this information by using one of three skills that are seer clairsentience or clair audience where they can see and hear with their sixth sense. The better psychic mediums I feel all these skills so choose a reader that then you’re getting the best medium channel for employment and information and love that will flow will be beautiful.

If you are looking for a psychic medium and you need some guidance, please feel free to contact me anytime. I will point you in the right direction and offer you guidance and advice based on my years of experience.


I said a ghost? The most common Paranormal Experience – The Truth About psychics and spirit


The most common paranormal experience is actually the most difficult to believe. I know … I’ve had it, and it took me weeks to wrap my brain around it to even believe it really happened.

What is it?

It is called “crisis apparition” and what is usually described as being visited by someone who has just died, often unexpectedly and without the knowledge or even hope. (eg – it often happens in sudden circumstances of the death, as is the case with mine was)

What usually happens in a crisis apparition

Someone you feel emotionally connected to seem at the moment.? death … usually tell you it’s going to be OK, or to wave goodbye. Often no words are spoken, and yet … it’s telepathic mind to mind a conversation or interaction that takes place very similar to other psychological descriptions amazing experience.

How common are crisis apparitions, or always be with a loved one at the moment of his death?

Really surprisingly common! In recent scientific lecture by Pulitzer prize winning science journalist, Deborah Blum (who wrote the book “ghost hunters” of a small group of Nobel Prize winning scientists who studied psychic phenomenon in the late 19th century) when she asked the audience how many people have had this experience, about half of the hands in the room went up.

What was so surprising about it?

audience was skeptical, scientific audience … and NOT new age or spiritual believers usually tend to believe anything and everything they want to be true because it is good.


you do not see a psychic or a medium to talk to the dead. And while, yes … good agent is trained to tune in and connect with the spirit or divine energy much faster than most people can, the vast majority of crisis apparitions or spirits conduct, or even a simple “ghost Miscellaneous” 100% spontaneous.

More than 75% of parents who lose a child under 10 will have this experience many times, even if they are skeptical, or can not believe their eyes.

About 50% of all husbands who lose their wife (or vice versa) will report to be visited by them in a visual way … after they have crossed.

The best way to get confirmation that the experience was real, or to ask for help if you love is not coming through and you want them to?

Ask paranormal medium that can help facilitate communication, and that can build a bridge between this world and the next.

In my own experience, I was visited by a co-worker who died suddenly and unexpectedly in the middle of the night, more than 2000 miles away. I was stunned … the next morning, when I went to work and found that nighttime my “dream” was in fact a reality, as the news had spread about what had happened.

I said no, though. And it was not “until I called the media two weeks later, something I did not believe at the time, who shared with me the specifics of the conversation, how we had said goodbye, why this co-worker had appeared to me and even the odd” outfit “He was walking, I did break down and realize that this was 100% true experience forever has changed my life, and what I consider to be (both in this life and the next …!).